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Dork Diaries : Drama Queen

By Rachel Renee Russell

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I enjoyed this reading this book however I found it mean that Mackenzie stole Nikki’s diary
Dork diaries is so good it is great for kids ages 10-12
This was the first Dork Dairies I ever read. It is the best book ever it is good for ages between 10-12.
l love it because Mackenzie steals Nikki's diary discover the ups and downs of this book
Dork Diaries is a sassy high school book
Do you get missing thing, well at least you are not the only one. Strap yourself in for a very good book.
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This book is great!! I love how Mackenzie takes over!! I definitely recommend.
a good book for people to read
I love you book drama queen! I gave it a 4 since maybe you could stop using so much :( and (: and maybe use :D or <3 or ;( or just ;) but besides that I love it!!
I like this because:
. It has a lot of information in it.
. It's sassy.
it was funny and cool but there was not enough coulor
It is so funny and cool