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Dork Diaries : Frenemies Forever

By Rachel Renee Russell

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This is such a good book! I have read all of the Dork Diaries books!!!! I can't believe she had to go to MacKenzies school!
This is a great book!! I love this book so if you like drama you will love this book as much as i do so if you like this ,book remember that all of Rachel Rennee Russell's are filled with drama. I reacon that this book is good for people aged 9-10 & over. HAVE FUN READING THIS BOOK! Show more Show less
i like this book because it has nice writing
OMG!!!!!!!! It is one of the best books you have got to read it.
This is a good book because it about Nikki Maxwell goes to a new school
If you are into drama you would are the one for this book for sure. I loved reading this book.
this book is cool and pretty good
best book every
It's good for girls but bad for boys because it's about girls and their stuff.
Holy moly