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Dork Diaries : Puppy Love

By Rachel Renee Russell

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Some people may like this book. Its about Nikki taking care of seven dogs!
this is a great book for girls, and for girls who love animals
this book is a realy creative book
I love this book and love puppies it is so good.
This is the best book ever . It's about Nikki Maxwell taking care of 7 puppies
this book is so because of the animated drawings and the moral of the story. I love how Niki hides 7 little puppies from her parents
This story book is great for younger girls in years 3-5 because it has a great moral behind it and cute animated drawings
I love how this book was planned out how Nikki had a hard task of hiding 7 beautiful little puppies from 2 parents an entire school and one very mean girl out for dumb revenge and that when she went to the animal shelter that Brandon volunteers at is too full a litter of abandoned puppies Nikki decides to look after them until the shelter has more room and the upsetting part is her parents won't allow dogs in the house so heres the best part she has to hide the pups at home and take them to school in secret i love the adventure she has it is by far my favorite book so far Show more Show less
This book was very interesting it caught your eye and made me want to read more though it could have more pictures and detail.