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By David Walliams

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This book had a little girl in it that was bossy but it was a good book
David Williams writes my favorite writers,. I was looking forward to reading this one and it was great.
I would recommend this book
loved it
i loved this book it was so funny how they would do anything for there daughter and they would go to the deepest darkest jungle to get a fing
OMG i love it really much
I love how funny and the lessons learnt from reading this book. The message of not being greedy and not wanting everything is a good reminder even as a young reader. Awesome!
It was a hilarious book and a book that made me want to read more.
This book is about a girl named Myrtle who has everything but she still wanted more. Eventually she asked for a Fing and got what she wanted. This story is very interesting I especially liked the part where Myrtle's parents were trying to figure out what a Fing is. Show more Show less
This book is so funny explaining how a father goes on a huge journey for his bossy child
Hilarious, well written plots, will appeal to most readers.
Great book
This book is funny and I would recommend it to people aged 9-14. I’d liked it because it was different and original and the illustrations were good and the characters were funny
Myrtle has to have everything and anything but her parents (Mr and Mrs Meek) work long and hard to get her everything she wants but Myrtle wants a Fing! A fing is an object that can roll around and eat your home and even you though! Show more Show less
I thought this book was really funny because Myrtle got everything she wanted. She was practically her parents boss. I’m glad they left her in the Deepest, Darkest Jungliest Jungle.
Don’t be greedy or you will end up like Myrtle.
Worlds funniest ?