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Friday Barnes: Girl Detective

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Friday Barnes is an 11 year old Sherlock Holmes. She is incredibly good at solving mysteries and is the smartest person in her year. Possibly even the school! When Friday earns $500,000 from solving a bank robbery, she uses it to attend the most prestigious school in the country. She soon realises that it may not be so easy to blend in like she had planned. Show more Show less
Friday Barnes is a series about a girl who is eleven years old but she has a super brain and she is a mini Sherlock Holmes. She gets $50,000 from solving a bank robbery and uses it to go to a boarding school called Highcrest Academy. When she arrives she discovers that the school is a hotbed for crime. She also meets a handsome boy called Ian Wainscott who is a evil mastermind at causing trouble at Highcrest and hates Friday. Friday spends the term solving mysteries. This is the first book in the series and it isn't the best book in the Friday Barnes series but it is still REALLY good! I recommend reading before you read the other ones. Show more Show less