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Fruit Bat

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I liked Fruit Bat because I want to be a fruit bat. I want to be a fruit bat because they fly around and eat some fruit.
I love how bluey gets to be a fruit bat in her dreams
I love how I can watch the show and read the book at the same time. I love the glow and the dark pages. I love Bluey.
It's just like Bluey on TV!
I think my sister would like this book. It’s really fun to read. My favourite part of the book is reading the bold writing really loudly.
Bluey dreams about being a fruit bat and I love the Character bluey and her family.
Fruit Bat is about a person who wants to be a Fruit Bat.While she is doing this she realises that they don't appreciate there dad.The lesson in the book is to be grateful for what you have got.