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Green eggs and ham

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This book teaches the reader to try new foods before saying no. I think all parents should read this to their children. I give it 5 stars.
This is my favourite book. I dressed up as Sam for book week
I like when they eat green eggs and ham in the dark!
I loved reading this book with my poppy as it is one of his favourite books !It is a good rhyming book and my poppy knows it all off by heart without reading it !
I love this book. I make Mum read it to me over and over!
We love this book, it’s great fun to read and teaches a valuable lesson!
Very funny and tricky book
An old book but a good one
Awesome book. Love reading this book. Its funny
This book is silly, but fun to read.
It's a great rhyming book and I loved it!
Love this book. Great reading book for beginner readers.

Lots of joys brought by this book ?
i love this book. its funny
Great fun to read, we have enjoyed this book over and over again.
Very easy to read now. Its a good rhyming book.
i love this book
It was boring and too long.
One of the most charming tales to help kids to learn how to read.

A brilliant work made only with fifty words, where forty-nine out of those words are monosyllables.
This is my best favourite book because it's funny and it's rhyming. And I liked that it was good to shout out their feels when they tried to say they didn't like GREEN EGGS AND HAM. I want to read it again. Show more Show less
I love this book! It Rhymes and it is such a fun book to read.
I would suggest 5 to 10 to read this book but even adults would love it!
I really liked this book because it was silly and had a funny storyline. I love silly books.
I think this was a really good book to read because it’s funny!
One of the first books I was able to read unassisted, Dr Seuss is such a creative author and incredibly talented.
I really love all the rhyming words
This is a favourite of mine because of all the rhyming words.
It was good, I liked the part where the drawing of the boat was in the air and he would eat there
Teaches people to try new things, it has lots of rhymes and the characters are good,
This book is funny. It has lots of tongue twisters. My favourite part is when Sam I Am asks 'would you eat them in a box? Would you eat them with a fox?'
This book made me laugh.
Was a good book ?
Funny and enjoyed reading it
This was a great book and was so much fun to read!
I like the words and Sam I am.
It's funny. I've read it so many times.

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