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Guess How Much I Love You

By Sam McBratney

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This book is great for 3 years and over.
I love this book and I think it would be great for kids to read to their parent or parents to read to their kids. This book is great for 3+ years of age.
this is the most prescious book in the world
This book is a really annoying some times .Its for 3 years old.When i had this in my room i gave it to my cosin thats 1 and he liked it so its good for more little readers not for older reader becase its a night book and older reader read more read a boll Show more Show less
this book is a great book because it is about love
Very cute!
One of my most favourite books to read with my Mummy for ever since I can remember.
Great for young children.
so cute
I loved this book alot