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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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This was the first time I read this book and it was amazing! Sometimes scary and sometimes it was funny. I loved it!
I really liked how they put a lot of adjectives.
Fantastic read!
I really loved this book because it was intriguing and interesting. It made want to never put it down for a second. This book is the 2nd in the 7 book series. I suggest this book to people who love adventure, mystery and a little bit of scary. I think this book is good for kids 9+. Show more Show less
I love it, I think it's better than the movie. This is my favourite Harry Potter book. Its my favourite because of the describing words to describe the Basilisk.
This book is amazing!!!
I love it.
Harry's second year at Hogwarts is filled with more mysteries and magic
This book kept me on my toes with the best twists and turns
The moment I saw the cover, I just went " I'm reading this." .
I thought this book was great because it had lots of adventures and fun.
It was very exiting and surprising I like the series it is all ways exiting when Hary gose by himself to stop who who must not be named.I am excited to read the 3rd book.
This is a good book.
I liked Harry Potter it was very intresting but it was a bit too long.
I really enjoyed reading this book. It had happy, sad, mysterious people and lots of magic
I love it! It's so entertaining.
I loved the adventure in this book and the journey I loved this book with all my heart and I can’t wait to read some more books
The book was very good. Highly reccomend it for people who love mysteries.
It was a superb book but it got a bit too scary at the end. I my favourite part was when Ron,Fred,Gorege break Harry out from te Dursley’s house.
I think this was a great book I loved the ending the most. This is a wonderful and magical book to read.
I like how it scary but not too scary and it’s a BIT funny. I have watched the movie but that wasn’t as better as the audiobook!
I’m so interested in this book I can not take my eyes off of it! Thanks j.k Rowling it was awesome and epic night and day
A very interesting and captivating story. I was unable to put the book down!
This book is about: Harry and Ron not being able to get to the train so they took a flying car to Hogwarts. A big snake called a bawsilk is attacking mudbloods and because Harry can talk to snakes he was being blamed. Then one of Harry's friends got attacked so they went into the chamber of secrets and found out who was behind the attacks and killed the snake.

The main characters are Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Ron Weasley (Harry's best friend), Hermione (the nerd), Ginny (Ron's little sister)

My favourite character is Fawkes because in the battle at the chamber of secrets he was smart, brave and a cool bird.

If I could change anything it would be that instead of Harry doing all of the work and killing the basilk on his own, I think Ron instead of digging a hole should have helped Harry kill the snake.
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I really loved it because he gets a sword and fights a basilisk and Voldemort himself!
I recommend this book for people older than the age of six, because it is a bit scary. But when you get to the really important part of the story it's not scary at all. It is a great book!
This book is amazing! I think it’s so exciting and funny but a bit scary to, it’s so magical, which is why it’s one of my favourite books!
Harry Potter is at the Dursleys house and finds a house-elf on his bed called Dobby, he warns Harry that he must not go to Hogwarts because the Chamber of Secrets is going to be opened that year, Dobby had also stolen all of Harry's letters that got sent for his birthday so that Harry could think he was lonely. Soon, students get Petrified and Harry understands that the Chamber had actually been opened as Dobby had warned, things get true, Harry finds out that Ginny had been tricked into doing this by writing in the diary, can Harry save Ginny before she dies? Show more Show less
Such a great book - so exciting and suspenseful! This is my second time reading this series and I absolutely recommend it.
I loved the chapter where Harry very bravely faced a big snake. ?
It was amazing for my first time reading it by my self.It was so eventful and full of mystery. ?/100
I'm reading this book with mummy daddy and my grandparents over the phone! I've not finished it but I love reading a few pages every night! I'm even starting to read some of the words I know!
It made me exited and curious
This is a really good book and is very interesting. This book is full of cool creatures and characters. Highly recommend. Sophie.
The book was able to paint a movie in my mind. The part when Harry was in the chamber instead harry fighting the Basilisk , Dumbledore's Phoenix Fawkes had done the battle and all he did was poke the snakes eyes until the snake was blind. Show more Show less
I really enjoyed this book and I couldn't chose a favourite part because the whole book was so good.
I love you his book and I could read on forever and the Basilisk was weird
I love it so much that I can actually feel what Harry Hermione or Ron was doing it felt so realistic
This book was absolutely fantastic! Every single detail was written down in the book. You could really imagine how it would be if you were in their shoes! I loved it!
this book is extraordinary. The book has a lot of thrills and I love that there are extra surprises not in the movie in store ..
I love the hp series it’s amazing the books are Better than the movies because they have peves in them but overall an amazing book
Absolutely loved it. My friends introduced me to the Harry Potter series, we have a sort of fan club.
This book is about Harry’s 2nd year at Hogwarts, where many strange events take place. The incidents that take place are done by the terrifying Basilisk. Draco Malfoy was eager to see this happening at Hogwarts because the only people targeted by the attacks were Muggle-born wizards. My favorite character in this book is Hermione Granger because she is the first person to figure out that the Basilisk is behind the attacks. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery and magic. This book is good because it has an exciting plot and great characters.
By Marilla
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I like Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets because of all the adventures that how we goes on and the weird things that go on at Hogwarts please read the first book before
I liked this book because there was a basilisk (giant snake). I'm looking to reading the next one.
I loved the way I was made to use my imagination and the twists in the book.
Best book in
It is a fantastic book because it has different characters and it feels like we are in the actual wizarding world.
This 4/5 book I have chosen to review, is a classic read which follows up from the first book ( Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone). It’s creativity and magical read enchants others to read more whilst flicking through the delicately illustrations in the book. Show more Show less