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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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I love the hp series it’s amazing the books are Better than the movies because they have peves in them but overall an amazing book
Absolutely loved it. My friends introduced me to the Harry Potter series, we have a sort of fan club.
This book is about Harry’s 2nd year at Hogwarts, where many strange events take place. The incidents that take place are done by the terrifying Basilisk. Draco Malfoy was eager to see this happening at Hogwarts because the only people targeted by the attacks were Muggle-born wizards. My favorite character in this book is Hermione Granger because she is the first person to figure out that the Basilisk is behind the attacks. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery and magic. This book is good because it has an exciting plot and great characters.
By Marilla
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I like Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets because of all the adventures that how we goes on and the weird things that go on at Hogwarts please read the first book before
I liked this book because there was a basilisk (giant snake). I'm looking to reading the next one.
I loved the way I was made to use my imagination and the twists in the book.
Best book in
It is a fantastic book because it has different characters and it feels like we are in the actual wizarding world.
This 4/5 book I have chosen to review, is a classic read which follows up from the first book ( Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone). It’s creativity and magical read enchants others to read more whilst flicking through the delicately illustrations in the book. Show more Show less

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