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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

By J. K. Rowling

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One of my favourite books! It was my introduction into the world of Harry Potter. I love the magic and the adventures but also the friendships.
I love it. Harry Potter and his friends are really fun
Not the best but really good it is long how I like it!
I love this book, the adventure that Harry goes to is so exciting, kinda dangerous, and friendship always prevails at the end and make you stronger
Harry Potter is my favourite book to read. I read it all the time. I like J. K. Rowling and I can’t wait to buy more of Harry Potter books to read.
It is awesome that’s all I have got to say it keeps you on your toes!
It took us a long time to read Harry Potter before bed. It was fun learning about all the cool things that Harry and his friends got up to at Hogwarts. We watched the movie so knew how the story went, but reading the book meant we learnt more than what was shown in the movie. Show more Show less