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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

By J. K. Rowling

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So much better than the movie. Looking forward to reading book 2.
This is the first book in the Harry Potter series. It is about Harry's life before he goes to Hogwarts. His mum and dad died and he had to love with his Aunty and Uncles but they didn't like Harry because he was a wizard and they didn't know he was a wizard. So he goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He meets Ron and Hermoine. They learn about potions from Professor Snape, who doesn't like Harry.
My favourite part is when Harry firsts meets Ron and Harmoine and when Neville loses his toad on the bus. It is very funny.
I like this book because it was interesting. I can't wait to read the rest of the books.
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I liked it because there is a mystery
As a 7 year old reading this, I have enjoyed using my imagination during this story.
This is the first book in the Harry Potter series. It has a lot of adventure, friendship and exciting moments. My favourite character is Hedwig (Harry's owl) who delivers and collects his mail. It is cool seeing the differences between a wizard and a muggle school. The subjects aren't just Maths and English at Hogwarts, they are transfiguration, potions and defence against the dark arts. I would recommend this book for 6 year olds and up (but you might like have your parent read it to you). Show more Show less
This is my first time listening to Harry Potter. I like the illustrations, but the story is bit tricky to follow. It is a bit scary in parts, so I think maybe I should wait until I am a bit older. I am 7 and a half. Show more Show less
One of my all time favourite books! I read it over and over again.
Im a big fan of Harry potter and I'm being honest it is very interesting because you get to learn but go on an adventure as you read. I am going to rage this book a 5 out of 5
I thought this book was very interesting, I have 2 favourite parts: My first favourite part is when Dudley throws cereal at the wall (which doesn't happen in the movie).
My second favourite part is when Harry, Ron and Hermoine make friends and Harry put on the sorting hat (which is like what happens in the movie).
I would still read this book again even though I have seen the movie and already read the book once. I really like the way J.K. Rowling describes things in the book.
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Great start to the series. I think it’s way better than the movies.
this book is so good i've read it 8 times
i loved this book, & it really inspires kids to read. ( :
I like this book because it's like
you step into the book.
I also like it because i love fantasy novles and the movie's are amazing.
This book describes scene using very basic works but gives a very good picture. It gives a story of magical adventure through scary parts and funny parts.
I like this book because it had funny magic and funny bits
Love the whole series
One of my favourite books! It was my introduction into the world of Harry Potter. I love the magic and the adventures but also the friendships.
I love it. Harry Potter and his friends are really fun
Not the best but really good it is long how I like it!
I love this book, the adventure that Harry goes to is so exciting, kinda dangerous, and friendship always prevails at the end and make you stronger
Harry Potter is my favourite book to read. I read it all the time. I like J. K. Rowling and I can’t wait to buy more of Harry Potter books to read.
It is awesome that’s all I have got to say it keeps you on your toes!
It took us a long time to read Harry Potter before bed. It was fun learning about all the cool things that Harry and his friends got up to at Hogwarts. We watched the movie so knew how the story went, but reading the book meant we learnt more than what was shown in the movie. Show more Show less