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By Louis Sachar

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This was an incredible book, it was about a boy named Stanley Yelnats and how he and his family had very bad luck. Stanley ends up getting sent to a Juvenile detention centre for stealing a pair of shoes(or did he)! Holes is a wonderful book written by Louis Sachar and I recommend anyone around the age of 8 - 15 holes. Show more Show less
Loved this book. Didn't want to stop reading it.
This book has lots of turns in what you think might happen next. Stanley Yelnats is said to have bad luck just because of his [Maybe not!] dirty-rotten-no-good-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. "Is this the case? What really happened?" you ask. To find out the answers of most of these questions, read this book about crime, punishment, and so, so, so much more! Show more Show less
A wonderful and entertaining book that is full of action and adventure. I would recommend this book to anyone aged 8 and older, but I think this book is for anyone who wants a good read, and a book that you just can't put down! Show more Show less
Very action packed and thrilling. A great read.
This book is amazing! I love how the story and mystery unravels throughout the story! I would recommend it to anybody who’s likes books with lots of twists.
Great book, highly recommend for children aged 11 and over. Themes are adventure and redemption. And let’s hope you like holes, lots and lots of holes.
Real good Book. And Why is Zero so sad/grumpy all the time that is sad
Really interesting and fun to read
This is a really good book. I loved reading it.

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