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Hop on pop

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makes my little brother laugh when i read this silly tongue mumbo jumbo bkkk
I loved to read this book with my Poppy ,I sat on his knee and he helped me ! We both love the rhyming words in this book and it was fun to read !
It's my favourite book by Dr Seuss. I like Br Brown.
I like it because it is very very funny and it rhymes
It was great! I like when the kids jumped on pop. It made me laugh.
I love this book cos it's funny and my brother likes it to
This book has lots of rhymes. It has lots of little words that I can read and a few big words.
Hop on Pop is a rhyming book like Mouse House/House Mouse. my favourite part of The book is Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Brown is upside down .The end.
This story is great for youngsters learning how to read.
The rhyming prose makes the read more interesting.
Pictures are wonderfully illustrated and allows young readers to follow the story on their own. Show more Show less
A lot of rhyming words with interesting pictures

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