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Hot Dog 1

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I thought it was funny when the little chick said “that’s not my mummy” to the mean old rooster.
Its funny and exciting and you never know whats coming next.
I like this book because it's about dogs, lizards and cats. These animals have lots of fun adventures in the book.
Hot Dog 1

Hot Dog is a funny book, it has lots of adventures.

Hot Dog: Hot Dog is a Dog NOT the Hotdog what is yummy from the cinema. He is a smart dog.
Lizzie: Lizzie is one tough Lizard and can blend into just about anything.
Kevin or Kev: Kevin is one lazy cat. He gets dressed into costumes and he has a grabbing tool to get his grabbing tool.

Hot Dog is a series of books. There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 books so far. Hopefully there are more adventures to be written.

I love the Hot Dog books.

Vincent S.
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