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Hot dog

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I like this book because it helps the little chick
It was great
this book it a good book
Fynn laughs so much while reading these books and likes to show me the funniest parts. I think they are his favourites so far.
Hennessy thought this book was very interesting & entertaining
Great book
Very fun and entertaining. Long words that help you get better at reading.
It was good because I really liked the character Lizzie. She was funny. I would recommend it to a friend who likes animated books that don’t drag on for too long and quick to read .
Really Funny!!!
I enjoyed this book as they saved the Baby Bird - while having an adventure. I look forward to reading more stories from ANH DO.
I love this book and I read it in one day.
It’s good but short
This book is about a dog, a cat and a lizard going camping on a place called Rainbow Island. The dogs name is Hot Dog, the cats name is Kev, and the lizard is Lizzy. They all get lost in the woods.<br /> I really liked this book because it was funny. I recommend it for 7 and 8 year olds. Show more Show less
Hot Dog is an adventure book and it has pets in it. I like the bit where the water slides didn’t work properly.
This book is about 3 friends,Hot Dog the sausage dog, Lizzie the lizard and Kev the cat. Hot Dog has short legs, a really long body and never gives up. Lizzie is a lizard that can blend in with almost anything and is one tough lizard. Kevin is very lazy and loves eating food. One day the three friends find a baby bird that fell from its nest. They couldn’t get the baby bird back in his nest, so they set off on a hilarious adventure to find the baby bird’s mother. On their adventure they do lots of funny things along the way, like when Kev became their raft so they could get across the river and when Kev sneaks inside a farm dressed as a cow. This book is really funny and has great pictures too. Show more Show less
good and short
Anh Do writes the best books, they are so funny and all kids should read them.
They were rescued a bird because it had fallen out of a tree and it could not fly by himself because he was a baby bird
I read this book to my little sister, and she loved it!
It was a funny book. I really liked it.
Very good. Was a bit funny
I liked this book. It's funny.
this is about hot dog, lizzie and kev , lizzie goes off to the circus she wants to be a clown but what happens when lizzies sister Emma hurts her arm
Yes read this book! It’s great
very funny great book
I really loved this book cause it is funny.
I think I could read something more challenging to read.
Anh Do is one of my favourite authors. This is the first Hot Dog book and I really enjoyed reading it. This one is about Hot Dog the dog helping a baby bird find its missing mummy. It is a really fun book. Looking forward to reading the next one. Show more Show less
This book is about Hot Dog,Lizzie,and Kevin look after a baby bird . My favorite part is when they find the birds mum .
Hot Dog is an epic book but has pros and cons. Pros: adventures, problems, funny. Cons: made for early years, not much action, baby stories, dumb plot.
It was a really funny book because Hot Dog says some really funny things.
This book is a great read, and lots of fun. It’s about a lizard named Lizzie who is joining the circus and she is scared of heights. Her sister Emma is the trapeze star and Lizzie was meant to be the clown but then some crazy things happen and what you least expect to happen does happen. I really liked this book Show more Show less
(disregard other review)
this book is a great book to just pick up and read.I can read it whenever i want to and still enjoy it.
i love this book because it is funny and a great book to pick up and read when ever. i can also read it again and again but it doesn't get boring.
This book is quite short & easy to read. It is very funny. One of the funny bits is where there is a fat cat & a baby bird falls on his head.
Absolutely love this series of books! Collect them all!
Hot Dog and his friends go on a journey to find a little birds mum but they only find different types of birds.they eventually find her at a water park. This book was super fun to read
I like how they tried to get a baby bird back to its mother
It’s just as good as hot dog 2
This book was funny and i really liked it. I will read it again
i love hot dog because its like a wacky gang of a cat dog and lizard. so Im giving it 4 stars
Easy to ready and lots of fun
Funny book.
It shows that people with short arms and legs can still do what other people with long arms and legs can do, in their own way.
This is a hilarious book. My favorite part was when Donkey and Rooster bumped into a log and flew into the water.
This book has an epic adveter.
This book was about 3 kids who wanted to make a movie. Hot dog was a police man, kev was a fire fighter and lizzy was a paramedic