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Little Women

By Louisa May Alcott

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This classic book showed the mazing relationships between sisters, family, and a twinge of romance. Throughout the amazing book, we see the main characters go from young teens and children to young women. Show more Show less
little women is a very good book, that shows the hardships of women in that time period and how they have been subjected to. it is good to read before watching the movie. very engaging book and very hard to put down!!! Show more Show less
My favourite book so far is Little Women because it was very nice. They were all kind.
Little Women was very interesting. It is about 4 sisters and they go through troubles in their lives. I liked seeing how they got along well and it was sad because one of the sisters died from scarlett fever. Show more Show less
This is an amazing book about how 4 young girls turn into little women.
One word- Beautiful! This is by far Louisa May Alcott's best book! Perfect if you love wartime and stories about women empowerment!
This book follows the lives of four sisters during the Civil War in New England. Their Dad is away fighting and life is tough. The characters are relatable with strengths and weaknesses highlighted through their different struggles. I loved reading this book. Show more Show less