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Magic Beach

By Alison Lester

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I love this book because it’s all about the fun things you can do at the beach !
I loved the story and illustrations and I can't wait to plat at the beach when summer comes!
My family loves this book we all know it by heart. It was so much for me when I was younger when loved every book I read.
This book is for all the children who love magic and adventures.
Let the magic beach take your imagination on a magical adventure.
This book is full of magic and i recommend it for all children
A magical read about a beautiful beach.
because its about the beach and I love the beach
I just love this book
It’s a very special book to me because it gives me good imagination like the characters in the book
It is such a lovely book with lovely pictures and it is using imagination.
A fun book to read, it has great illustrations an the children and I spent a lot of time looking at all the different things in each picture, we all really enjoyed this book.

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