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This is my most favourite book so far. I like it way more than the movie, especially because the movie missed out on details which I really liked that were in the book. Matilda and her friend were going to scare Matildas parents with her friends parrot and pretend that Matildas house was haunted Show more Show less
Matilda is a good book about a little girl who had bad parents who didn't care about her or her education. I like how she was really smart and her parents were really dumb. My review is 4 stars, only because I feel that maybe that they could have made it a bit shorter. It was a bit too long. Show more Show less
Matilda's parents are very rude and selfish . They don't want her to go to school . They do not allow Matilda to read books . They always eat their meals in front of television just because Matilda does not like watching it . And Matilda's dad once ripped a library book and made Matilda buy it with her own money . Finally her parents let her go to school . But the down side of going to school is that the school has a terrible principal called miss Trunchball . She (miss Trunchball ) swings girls by the hair and throws boys through the window. Show more Show less
I loved the book so much because I relate to Matilda. Matilda is smart like me (and humble - my Mum wrote that). I like how the story comes together. I recommend this book to everyone, especially smart people. Like me. Show more Show less
This is one of my favourite books. It's clever, funny and I loved seeing Matilda get revenge on people. I wish I had a teacher like Miss Honey and magical powers like Matilda.
I love this book. It’s my favourite movie and now a favourite book!
About a messy family who adopt a baby girl and don't care and a teacher who recognize bher talent and smartness and supports,protects and cares for her.

How concentration can do wonders.
Magic used for helping and supporting good.
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It was very interesting and funny to read
It is an amazing book
I enjoyed the book very much. The character Matilda is smart, kind and brave. I really admired her and wants to be like her.
This is a funny book. You will have a laugh!
Excellent book
Matilda was special and her parent's were very mean. Matilda was lucky to find Miss Honey.
I love Matilda because she is a strong and loving girl, and really saves the day!!
it was a great book, just like the movie
It was good but got boring in parts.
I thought it was a really good book.I liked the part when Miss Honey meets Matilda and shares their secrets.
Matilda was very courageous
It is a great book and it made me feel strong
This book is a favourite of mine, I highly recommend.
Pretty good very magical
I love the book Matilda, it is also my favourite movie, it's funny, and I love the way she does magic and I also like that there is a exploding chocolate cake recipe in the back of the book.
this book is my favorite book i have read so far. I like how Matilda learns to use her powers and how she helps her friends. Her parents are mean but she gets to live in a happy home at the end.
matilda helps us to be grateful for our awesome parents.
Loved reading this book, I cant go without a week not reading this book.

Its about a young girl, who has magical powers that she didnt know she had and would use them on her family.
This is an amazing book with so much imagination. It gets you thinking about the wonders of the world. It also makes you think about others and what they feel.
It was great story and it was amazing story for kids my age.

I love this book it was amazing to read
matilda is so smart. the book was amazing.
Matilda loves books by her family doesn't like it so they put her in School her principle Miss trunchbull is very rude and mean and Miss Honey Matilda teacher adopt her.
I've read all dahls books and seen the movies. Absolutely love them. My mum read them all as a child to.
I read this book because I loved the movie. The book is better than the movie.
We love this book because matilda has special powers to destroy miss Trunchbull.
i think this book is amazing i love the details and the story line.
The principal is funny!
I love Mari,da especially because of a message that Roald Dahl May not have meant to give; reading is a super power! This book fits well with this years book week!
The story tells us if you read a book it makes us smarter and I love reading books!!!!
My review on Matilda is that I love the entire story from start to the middle and to the end Matilda also loved to read books and loved school and loved making friends and she also loved her teacher miss honey she you can say she was born into a family that did not love her let alone want her and she ended up with someone who showed love and the meaning of belonging. Show more Show less
Matilda the book was great and exactly based on the movie. I loved how Matilda was so creative, smart and loved reading books though out the book.
I liked this story because Matilda read books just like me ☺️
Hunter Nicholson Pisani
My mum thinks I'm as smart as Matilda, this is one of my favourite books and movies.
Fun storey that shows a lot of different character strengths. Empowers children to show they can be themselves.
It is a good book and Matilda is like me.
When I read this amazing book I loved it as soon as I read the first page. It is really good so you should read it soon.
I like that she kept reading her books even when her dad said no
Very Good Book.
Matilda Wormwood is a very smart girl. But her parents don't know that and don't care. Matilda gets so frustrated that her brainy powers become real.
I love Matilda!
Very good book.
Such an awesome story. Wish I was her
I was 8 when I read this book bring back so many memories.
Very interesting book about a very talented and gifted girl.
Funny story, sad at first but a happy ending
"It's such an amazing story how smart Matilda is she's just like me mummy, she loves reading and learning it's amazing how smart she is"
i love this story i wish i had the powers like matilda and do good with them.

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