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Ninja Kid

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This is awesome and funny
Ninja Kid by Anh Do is a brilliant book. If you like cool, awesome, funny and fiction books you will love it. This book is about a kid who becomes a ninja on his tenth birthday. He saves the town by shrinking giant mutant spiders who try to take over Duck Creek. I found him to be very heroic.❤️? Show more Show less
I really enjoyed this book. It was a very funny book and I really liked the Grandma and the gigantic spider in the book. Easy book to read
A really cool book
It got me sucked in!
Great book. It is easy to read with a great story and very funny
It was fun to read, I recommend it for other readers.
I really like this book because the pages aren't too long and aren't too short so it's easy to read for all ages. It is really funny and interesting so you should read it.
It was awesome. I really liked the characters, especially Kenny that was always hungry! The Grandma was also really cool.
Its almost as funny as weirdo and hot dog and they were really funny. Its probably one of the bedt ahn doh books ive read yet.
I felt ridiculously cool because he got a cool back pack and the backpack had a plug on it and thats why i felt happy.
this book was very entertaining at the least! i loved it and i am willing to read it again and again!
It’s so funny when ninja kid shoots his zap-o-matic and shrinks Kenny’s chocolate cake and ice cream!