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Ninja Kid

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This book is really good why I like it is because I like going on his adventures
It’s so funny! I love this book, I’ve read it so many times!
pretty good but very long.
It was interesting because of the super cool ninjas. Nelson found out he had powers and his granny is a super cool science lab expert.
A book about a boy turned into a ninja after being bitten by a spider ?
After being bitten he helps other that live in Duck Creek to protect them from other giant spiders.
I rate this book 5/5 because it has a great storyline and good suspense.
This book was double good
Really, really cool! I love this book
Full of laughs and action. My favourite character was Kenny, he was always eating and that was pretty funny.
there was a spider army attacking duck creek and there was a guy in a helicopter that looked like his dad anyway they thought he was dead
adventure packed book that us fun and exciting. A very good read
This is really good book
Loved this book it reminds me of myself
I give this book a 3 out of 5. It was pretty cool, and quirky with a bit of action. I think it would suit kids aged 7-9years old. It has loads of pictures and not enough words even some pages that have all picture and no words. Show more Show less
Love all of Ahn Dos books. This one is about a boy who turns into a ninja and saves people from spiders!
This book is about how Nelson, this regular boy becomes a NINJA on his tenth birthday, he fights crime and solves a lot of mysterys like how at the very end Nelson thinks his dad is the bad guy who is causing all the trouble Show more Show less
Ninja kid is a very funny book.
It is about a kid who gets ninja powers on his 10th birthday.
It's my brothers book but i will often read it when i'm in his room.
I would give it 4 stars if it was longer.
:] :]
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This book is about Nelson turning into a ninja Kid and saving the world from giant spiders.My favorite part is when he saves the world!
I think the book was very exciting and also very creative
It was awesome the pictures where pretty good and it was a bit funny
This is awesome and funny
Ninja Kid by Anh Do is a brilliant book. If you like cool, awesome, funny and fiction books you will love it. This book is about a kid who becomes a ninja on his tenth birthday. He saves the town by shrinking giant mutant spiders who try to take over Duck Creek. I found him to be very heroic.❤️? Show more Show less
I really enjoyed this book. It was a very funny book and I really liked the Grandma and the gigantic spider in the book. Easy book to read
A really cool book
It got me sucked in!
Great book. It is easy to read with a great story and very funny
It was fun to read, I recommend it for other readers.
I really like this book because the pages aren't too long and aren't too short so it's easy to read for all ages. It is really funny and interesting so you should read it.
It was awesome. I really liked the characters, especially Kenny that was always hungry! The Grandma was also really cool.
Its almost as funny as weirdo and hot dog and they were really funny. Its probably one of the bedt ahn doh books ive read yet.
I felt ridiculously cool because he got a cool back pack and the backpack had a plug on it and thats why i felt happy.
this book was very entertaining at the least! i loved it and i am willing to read it again and again!
It’s so funny when ninja kid shoots his zap-o-matic and shrinks Kenny’s chocolate cake and ice cream!

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