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By Morris Gleitzman

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Once is an excellent book about world war II where a Jewish boy escapes his orphanage without knowing about the war and Nazis. Reading this book, you will feel frustrated but still read it
A bit scary but an amazing (and True) story
This is a somewhat sad story, but it is really well written and tells an important story from an important point of view
A very well told book. it captures your attention from the very start to the very end. Cant wait to read part 2!
This book is about what it was like to be a child during the holocaust. It is an amazing book that you won't want to stop reading. Once is a whole series of books I have read Once,Then and After at the moment I am reading Now. Show more Show less
Once is a book all about what it was like to be a child during the holocaust. They are amazing books that you won't want to stop reading I have read most of the series such as Once,Then and After I am now starting to read the next book Now. Show more Show less
Once is about a Jewish boy named Felix. He lives in nazi invaded Poland. He has to survive.
This book shows us through a time us kids have never seen before. War. He tells about a young boy, Felix and his adventures and experiences. I got addicted to this book! I would totally recommend.
This novel follows the story of a young 12 yr old boy through his journey of the Holocaust as a Jewish orphan and his exploration to find his parents. He encounters many types of segregation the Jews were exposed to. He also meets a group of other Jewish children around his age and makes a special connection to Barney (The group leader) and Zelda one of the girls in his group and forms a sibling relationship with them. I recommend this book to anyone aged yr5 or above or who likes learning about history and the past. Show more Show less