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Pig the Fibber

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My favourite part is how the pug dog learnt a lesson.
Book was funny and you learn a good lesson
I like this book because Pig the Fibber is naughty and blames his brother but in the end he knows it’s not nice to lie.
It’s also really funny
I love how funny pug the fibber is.
I liked this book but not the part where pig gets hurt
It teaches people to not lie
Pigs should not fib. End of story!
Pig was telling fibs. He ended up learning his lesson and getting on with Trevor.
It was a very funny book.
This book is really funny because Pig fibs a lot and gets Trevor into a lot of trouble.
Pig the pig got taught a lesson about fibbing. This book teaches the important lesson of fibbing having consequences. My favourite part was when pig farted.
very good and interesting
This is a very funny book and it teaches you a lesson to not be naughty other wise if you do than you will get a punishment in return!
I have read this book before and I still enjoyed it for the second time! It made me laugh alot as well
Great book, son loved reading this one with a few laughs
i think the book was kind of sad because pig the pug was being rude to Trevor
I like it because pig the pug lies and when he lies he always blames Trevor. The big bowling ball goes on pigs head.
Pig tells lots of fibs in this book but Trevor gets the blame which is not nice. In the end Pig learns his lesson and gets hurt when being selfish and telling fibs and trying to blame Trevor.
Pig was very naughty again!
Very funny and cheeky book about a naughty Pug dog how learns not to fib
I liked when the ball fell on his head and made a kaboom!
Level: easy
Great read!
I thought it was really interesting book and I really injoyed this book and I thought it was funny when pug gas out the house with his fart
This is my favourite book so far

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