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Pig the Grub

By Aaron Blabey

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Pig is such a disgusting grub!
Pig is a pug, a dirty pug!
He plays with muck, pop's off & rolls in yuck!
This calls for a bath! He runs amok! But in the end his trick backfires & explodes in his face.
So now at bath time Pig behaves! Show more Show less
This book is crazy funny and I love reading it!! Pig the pug is so funny
The story is about pig smelling so bad as he does not like to have a bath, But in the end he has a bath and turns out, he likes it after all
Excellent as always
It’s so relatable if u get told to have a shower a your not in the mood
It was a Funny kids book that I could read over and over again! Things that you could work on is adding different characters in it
This book is funny because Pig is always dirty and doesn't want a bath! The funniest part is when he is drinking from the toilet!
This book is hilarious!!! The rhyming words will have you giggling for hours. The illustrations are funny too. We love Pig AND Trevor!
Pig the pug can't resist to destroy everything!
We love all the Pig the Pug books. They are so fun and we have such a great time ready them.
Such a fun and adventurous story. And my daughter loves to read about this cheeky puppy.
So funny
Great book
This is a very funny book! Pig does some naughty things but I won't tell you too much, I don't want to spoil it!
I love pig the pug!
He’s super funny
He’s cheeky
He gets up to lots of naughty things
He pops and is super stinky