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Pig the Star

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Loved this book out of the series. Easy to read because my son is learning to get confident reading.
My mum thinks this book is hilarious because Pig calls Trevor a salami and does a rap dance. I think it’s funny because in the rap he says get me a donut you sausage shaped pest. Poor Trevor.
Pig was greedy but isn't now. The book made me happy
I liked this book. It was a little funny and a little silly. But sometimes Pig isn’t very nice.
Trevor is the true star of this book! Very funny, excellent illustrations!
Love all the pig the pug books
This one is my favourite.
I love the Pig books. They are very funny
Love all the Pig books. Always funny. Good read.
I love this funny book and the costumes
It's funny and silly. Pig gets hurt again
Funny, short picture book, suitable for age 3 and over
It’s ok! It was funny ?
This book was funny!

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