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Pig the Tourist

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Love pig and his adventures
This is about a pug dog called pig and it’s a funny book I like it a lot
I like Pig the Tourist because he does funny things and ruins trips, and in the aeroplanes he farts! But he gets what's coming to him when he goes swimming!
This book is so funny.
At first he caused trouble and at the end he stops being naughty. The owner keeps Trevor in the box and holds Pig.
Hilarious as always. Pig is so naughty but we love him all the same. Another great Pig the Pug adventure.
Was really funny
I like Pig the Tourist because there are a lot of funny pages when they are on the vacation. My favourite page is when he goes to sleep and he pops off. By Alexis
Such a great book for the entire family
it was very funny and silly but it still hade some stuff that I didn't like. like should put more famous stuff in there.
Funny book pig is so naughty
It was a really funny and interesting book. I like how he animals got pig back for being naughty. Th epicures were really crazy
We have been counting down the days until this book got released. Well worth the wait our Ladybugs love this story and series !!!!