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Pig the pug

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This was a fun book. I read it many times.
I love Pig The Pug it is really funny. At first I didn't even think Pig looked like a Pug but he does. He is funny the way he hogs all his toys but it's nice he shares with Trevor in the end.
Pig shouldn’t have fallen out because if he shared his toys, he wouldn’t have been naughty
I love these books , they are an easy fun read for everyone
Fun book to read, funny and helps kids learn not to be mean
The first book in the series about a very naughty, very funny pug named pig. We all love this book in our family
Pig is funny and wouldn’t let his friend Trevor play with his toys until the end of the book after he learnt a lesson about sharing. This is the first book from the pig the pug series.
Really enjoyed, makes me laugh how much of a grub pig can be
It was funny when Pig fell out of the building. It was nice when he shared his toys. It wasn't nice when he didn't share.
I love how cheeky and naughty pig the pug is!.
Trevor is a great character. He is kind and keeps wanting to play even when pig doesn't want to. (5yr old review)
'The pug books are so funny and I'm looking forward to reading all of them throughout August'
Children find this book funny and entertaining
This book was FUN!!!!
This is such a funny book. Pig is so silly.
I love this book, it's so funny! And a great book to read too.
I liked this book because it has a sausage dog init.
Pig the pug is so funny he doesn’t share his toys but he is learning.
A very good book. Very funny.
Funny book.
I like this book. It’s funny. Pig the pig is rude and Trevor is nice.
Fun and entertaining , great illustrations
I liked when pig the pug was not letting Trevor win
"I love that story and Pig the pug!"
I love all the Pig the Pug books!
It is a very funny book, and I like that it has a pug and a sausage dog in it.
A Classic! We love to read this one over and over.
I love reading this book
These are great books, funny
Loves all the Pig the Pug range
Trevor was the only one I liked
This book makes me laugh so much. I love it so much
I like reading the pig the pug books as it shows how with a little help you can change someone from being bad to being nice
I like the book. I like Trevours' personality. Pig is very greedy
This is the best book ever. I have read it about 1000 times and everyone should read it.
Funny, pig does naughty things and gets his best friend Trevor into trouble
Pig the pug is so funny and I love Trevor the dog.
I love the Pig the Pug books because Pig always learns a lesson in the end.
Pig was weird. This book had good writing in it. It was funny.
Very funny, great to read to my brother!
Its a very cheeky book. I love the character Trevor.
Sharing toys
It is about sharing toys
Funny because his greedy
10/10 highly recommend. Good book to read with the kids!!
This was a very funny book, Pig is very naughty by not sharing with Trevor who is really nice.

But Pig learns to share and be nice.
I love pig the pug and his books. They always make me laugh and teach me good lessons.
Seb- It was a really good book, it was very funny, they learnt to share their toys which made me happy.
I liked this book because it is very funny. It shows the life of a pug and his naughty adventures
Very funny with lots of good stuff in it
I really like that Pig wasn't very nice and in the end he didn't win. I like the rhyming in this book and the way Mama does the voices.
The best book ever!
So much fun makes me want to read more.
Thank you ?
This is a good book to read and I would recommend this book .
Pig the Pug is a naughty pug and learns a lesson the hard way!
This book made me laugh so much.
This book is funny, i like it
She loved this book about greedy Pig the Pug not sharing his toys with Trevor. She loved all the illustrations.
It is a good book. I like that pig brakes his bones because he wouldn't share with Trevor. Pig learns he should share.
This book is about a pug dog who doesn’t like to share, and is mean to his friend.
Fun book about a naughty dog learning his lesson
This is my favorite book!
This book is funny. Pig is mean to Trevor but has to be nice in the end.
It’s a really funny book.
This is one of my favourite books. It is about a pug that likes to be naughty and he likes to get his friends into trouble and he likes to make a mess
It was funny
This is one of my favourite books I love pig the pug books they are so funny! Pig always learns his lesson. Aaron Blabey is my favourite author
Pig the pug is a funny book I would recommend reading it
If I could give it 6 stars I would, because this book is SO fun and funny. I love to read about will happen.
I liked Trevors cute face. I liked that Pug made the pile of toys because I thought it looked like a mountain. It was a bit scary when he fell but I liked when Pug has all the bandages because he looks funny! Show more Show less
liked this one.
Best book
"Pig the Pug" written by Aaron Blabey.
This hilarious story about a greedy yet lovable little pug named pig who has to learn to share and play together or else something unfortunate might happen.. Show more Show less
Amazing and cool
Love Pig the Pug. He's funny.
Its funny and it makes you laugh because Pig is cheeky and selfish but gets what he deserves.
I liked how he looked so stupid
So funny! Makes me laugh on almost every page
I think that this book is well suited to younger kids like my brother George. I also think this book is very engaging and a good way to learn how to read.
I think it is a awesome book!
It was so funny
I liked the book because Pig didn't want to share and was greedy. Then fell out the window. You should always share your things.
it is funny pig is naughty and Trevor is good
It was great I liked it a lot and wanted it to be longer so I could keep reading.
I find this book very funny! I like the part where pig says ‘there mine, mine, mine so why don’t you scoot!’
Dustin really liked this book
Very funny read
This book by Aaron Blabey is one of my favourite books. I like it because it is really really funny. It has funny pictures as well, like when pig falls out of the window and it says "Well, pigs cannot fly". Show more Show less
Very Funny ☺️
A pug called Pig is very greedy and selfishTrevor is trying to convince him to share his toys but he won't share so gathers his toys and stands on the top and falls out the window he shares his toys now while he's on the mend . Show more Show less
It is so funny the pug is so naughty it makes me laugh I like this book
Super funny
The book was really funny. And my favourite part was when Aaron Blabey said “Pigs can’t fly” it cracked me up like a peanut.
I liked this book because it's a bit funny and silly
I liked this book an d the collection
I love the Pig the Pug books, they are funny.
cheeky pig the pug love reading pig the pug books
I love at the pig the pug books, I think they are funny and fun to read
This book is hilarious and I like the way it rhymes that makes it more enjoyable to read the pictures are very funny too
I loved this book it was really funny. I like all the other pig the pug books too
Jayden's review: I like this book it is about a put that blames his friend for everything he does wrong. It's a funny book.
I really liked reading Pig the Pug because it is really funny
Love all the pig the pug book
This a very funny book that teaches about sharing. Trevor shows pig how to be a good dog.
it was very funny and playful I have been to haft of the play is read it
I like this book because its funny
I liked this book it was funny
Trevor was nice
great and funny book
This book is a great way for teaching children the consequences of your actions & using your manners ALWAYS come of second best!!
Our 2yr old loves it ?
This book is so awesome and funny. I hope you have a great time reading this fabulous book about a pug and a sausage dog as they go on adventures.
I really enjoyed this book and i love reading about pig the pugs adventures.
Pig was cheeky! But in the end he learnt his lesson
He’s a nasty dog but he does share his toys. I love this book
Our favorite pig book
Such a funny puppy
A good book about not being so greedy
Pig the Pug is a great book and the others are great too. He is greedy and mean but then learns about himself too by being better in the end! I feel sorry for Trevor his friend!
I love the pig the Pug books, even though pig is very naughty to Trevor!
I love all the Pug books. They're funny and cool to read
I like pig the pig because he’s very greedy, funny and dirty. Because he is a great character in the book and I like his brother Trevor!
This book is funny and is the start to the pig the pug series . Everyone should read these books as they are great .
I love these books. They are funny and pig is so naughty.
A captivating, rhyming tale. Pig the pug always brings giggles with every page turn. We love this series!