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Pig the winner

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I thought it was a good book I love all the PGA books
This book is funny
I love the Pig the Pug books and this one is funny. It makes you understand that it is ok not to win all the time and you can let other people feel good when they win.
this book was funny.
Pig the pug is still cheeky at the end.
It was funny. I really liked the part when Pig fell in the bin.
Pig was greedy, but it was funny when he got the bowl stuck in his mouth!
pig is so naughty
We love this book!
Very funny. Pig needs to learn how to be kind.
It's all about a greedy pug who always wins because he cheats.
I didn’t like when Pig kicked Trevor. Trevor is my favourite character because he does nice things. I love this book.
It’s funny ?
It starts with a mean story then at the end he realises he should be nice.
I love this book.
This is a great book!

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