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Piranhas Dont Eat Bananas

By Aaron Blabey

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This book is as crazy, but funny, as the piranha in it.
This book is really silly!!
My 5 year old enjoyed the sillyness and ease of the words.
It’s funny!
Liked it but would only recomened it if you are 5 years or younger
this book is funny because a parana eat other stuff that parana donk eat
lol so funny its good for year 4 and down
I think piranhas dont eat bananas is a very very VERY funny book.
i like this book because now some people know what piranhas look like this book will show you that they don't eat bananas because they don't have to its amazing its very good to everyone who dosen't know about these animals. Show more Show less
this is a good because it is funny
this book is good because it is a really really really really really really really really really really really funny and silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is interesting but theoretically its not my favorite because i would like less detail
This is so funny and very cool if I made this book I'll be really famous
I love this book because it's very very funny. I think this book is suitable for everyone.
i read this book in kinder garden and i thought it was very funny but i don't know if i like it now
I love this book because it is very funny.
its harlarious for young children
I like this book because the story is silly.
so funny
Great book very funny