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Piranhas don't eat bananas

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I really liked this book. It was easy to read and funny....they eat bums!
Emily likes this book
It was a very funny book, one of the favourites so far.
My favorite character was the piranhas Brian because he said all the fruits and then at the end they liked it and then they said ''BUT WE STILL PREFER BUM!'' It was a very funny book.
This story is about Piranhas that are being very silly because Brian the Piranha was going to give them human food. I enjoy the end. It's very funny because the Piranhas (except for Brian) ate Brian's fruit platter, and they kept gobbling it up. Show more Show less
This book is super funny! I love reading it!
This book is really funny
I love this book so much!
This book is so funny! I love how Brian tries to persuade his piranha friends to eat fruit instead of body parts.
This book is rhyming. It's is also funny.
I love this book because it is very funny. Brian the piranha wants his friends try eating fruit but they prefer eating feet, knees and bum's.
This is one of my favourite books.
I think that it is really funny because there is a Piranhas that tries to make the other Piranhas eat fruit except they prefer things on people . And I like that it is a rhyming book
This book is so funny
"Piranhas don't eat bananas" written by Aaron Blabey. A hilarious story about a little piranha, named Brian, who dares to be different from the rest. A very cheeky read, with many laugh out loud moments and good lessons about trying new foods. Show more Show less
piranhas don't eat Bananas is a funny , kids story , About a piranha who likes fruit and trys to share ot with his friends. The piranhas friends still prefer human flesh and meat . Piranhas are meat eaters. Show more Show less
Its hilarious ?
I really liked this book because it's funny and at the end they say we eat bums.
This story is an super fun to read, especially for little people who love all the fun contained inside.
A piranha called Brian has a obsession with fruit his mates don't like it Brian gives them some and they like it but they still perfer bums.
Its really funny and makes me laugh. It's my favorite book ever.
A funny story about a piranha named Brian who tries to offer his other piranha friends some taste alternative foods.
I love that Brian, the Piranha asks the other Piranhas if they want to eat some healthy food, but they refuse because they like to eat bums! :)
Pirhanas don't eat bananas is about a fruit eating pirhana who tries to get his friends to eat fruit to
It was a funny book because it said they like to eat bums.
This book was funny.
Funny book to read. I like the whole book. Favourite part is when the piranhas eat the veggies and like them and when they say 'they still prefer bum'
A great book for kids, they love it
I think it's funny & like the rhyming.
Love this book
This is a funny book because they like eating bums!

It's easy to read and full of great rhythm and rhyme.
Really funny book. Great for children learning to read
i like how the piranhas try new foods.
I like this book because it's funny when they say we eat bums. I also like that Brian doesn't eat parts of people, he eats what people eat.
Loved it!
I like this book because the piranhas like to eat bums .
We absolutely love this book. Lots of laughs!
This book is really funny. It's all about Brian the piranha who likes fruit and vegetables. His friends like to eat human body parts, but he wants them to try fruit.
It has lots of rhyming words.
I liked when Brian's friend said "we eat bums!!". It made me laugh.
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This book is such a great, fun and excently put book. love how it rhymed and it kept getting fun. Love the pictures in this book also
This book makes me laugh. I like the ending.

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