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Possum Magic

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Possum Magic is a adventurous book even though it is a short book and it is cool how they have to eat Austrailan food like a vegemite sandwich.
It was good
Very magical
My favourite part of Possum Magic is when Hush loved the magic that made her invisible.
I wish I was invisible just like the character Hush. I would like to eat all those yummy treats too as I travelled around Australia.

Possum Magic is celebrating 35 years and my Mummy is going to take me to the Possum Magic show in September. I can't wait. Show more Show less
This is a great Australian story
Classic! Read many times
All time favourite storybook in our house. As it was when I was a child in my house too.
This book is great! I like vegemite sandwiches too!
I love this story. I dressed up as Grandma Poss for Book Week. I like the part where Grandma Poss and Hush went to the Casino in Hobart for a lamington because I’ve been there too. I like the pictures in the book, they are very cute. Show more Show less
This cute picture storybook is all about an invisible possum wanting to be visible again. Hush and his Grandma travelled all around Australia, to most of the capital cities in search of human food to make Hush visible. From vegemite to lamingtons Grandma Poss' magic worked.
Mem Fox is a wonderful author with great use of Australian capital cities and Aussie foods as apart of the magical story.
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Pure Classic!! Have been given multiple copies of this book by all different age groups. A favourite amongst all
An old book but definietly one of my favourites. I really enjoyed reading it with my 4 year old daughter. She enjoyed the storyline and loved the illustrations.
I love the part when Grandma Poss comes up with the brilliant idea to eat people food to make Hush visible again!
Grandma poss and hush were possums grandma poss made hush invislible one day hush wondered what she looked liked so grandma poss tried to find a magic spell but she could'nt find a spell to make hush visible hush was sad then in the moring grandma poss remebered that it invovled food so they eat a anzacs bitcus in adelaide minties in melbourne pumpkin scones in brisbane hush remain invislible in darwin they ate a vegemite sandwich and her tail apered at a beach in perth after she ate a piece of pavlova her body and legs apered everytime her birthday she eats all of those foods she eat to make sure she stays visible Show more Show less
What a great classic book ❤
when grandma poss does magic to make hush invsable to make him back to normal they had to go around Australia eat Australian food to make hush viable again
I like this book. Especially the vegemite part and the invisible parts.

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