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Possum Magic

By Mem Fox

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I like that they go around states. It shows what other Aussies eat.
This book is about two posems,One of the posems, (the little one) terned invisible so they both set of to hell her.
Two little possums go on an adventure. This book is great for kindergarten to year 2!
This book is a classic. No matter you age, you will still love it.
it a great book and the message is to never give up just keep trying
The possum makes magic.
A great book for generations of readers. An Australian Classic!
This a great Australian book.
this is a great book about learning about food and confectionery in Australia
very good book.
love it (I MEAN IT)
This book is great because it gives lots of information about Australian food and places in Australia. I would recommend this book to young children. This book is a classic.
i think Mem Fox wants children under 6 to go on a trip all around Australia i love how this book includes foods from all over Australia
this book is great for ages up to 8 years old as when u get older it is still a recommendation for parents to read to their kids
This is a classic book from Mem Fox. It is best suitable for 0-8 year olds or for adults to read to their children.
this book is bad
so good for for 0-7. one of old time favourite you should read it.
this is a nice book 0-6 year old
This book will take younger children on an Australian magical adventure. I would recommend this book to 0-6 year olds.
Girls loved this one
it is a good book and it tells you about all the places in Australia
A magical Australian book with good illustrations all about healthy food (and some treats too)!
great for younger kids
hm bad
Gramma possum is a genius
I like that hush wasn't invisible anymore because he ate Australian food.