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Room on the Broom

By Axel Scheffler

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Its about a witch and a cat and she gets all the other animals on and and then the frog jumped in the air and landed on the broomstick but then the broomstick snapped in half. I love the rhymes in the book. Show more Show less
I like this book, the story is magical.
This is my mums favourite kids book and I like to read it to my little sister too.
A wonderfully written tale of magic and wonder, making friends and accepting everyone. We love Room on the Broom and it’s become a regular in our rotation.
I like this book because the witch was nice to all her animal friends, she lets them fly around with her. She even has a shower for her froggy friend. It made me laugh when the broom broke and they all fell in the mud. Show more Show less
I thought about how helping people is a nice thing to do and flying on a broomstick would be lots of fun.
Room on the broom is beautifully written book that engages the reader by using rhyme. The story line is highly engaging and my kids loved all the characters in the story.
Love the adventure the witch went on and making friends along the way
This book is about a friendly witch who almost got ate by a dragon. He wanted to cook up witch and chips to eat. But the animals who were on her broom made a mud monster to scare the dragon away. The dragon said so sorry and flew away and the animals and which made a new broom and shared it happily together.
The witch even made a shower on her broom for the frog.
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This book is one of my favourite books that I have read a lot, I love how friendly the witch is letting all the animals join her on her broom, and how they all help the witch. it's a great book.
I love this book! It has been one of my favorites since I was little, I almost know it off by heart!
One of my favourite books! - said Holly.
The witch is a nice witch
The moral of the story is to share otherwise things will go wrong.
I love this book because it is funny and a bit scary. The cat and the witch are my favourite characters. It is amazing when more and more animals join the broom.
It's a fun story, we've read it millions of times. I love the story because it has such a happy ending. A great family read.
The book was good because nobody got hurt.
This is my mum's favourite book. I like this book too. My favourite character in this book is cat.
Wonderful story of kindness with a twist - there is room on the broom for everyone! love this story every time
I love this story it’s cute and funny I love reading it
Room on the Broom is an exciting, enchanting story of a good natured witch and her cat that meets new friends along the way, a dog, a bird, a frog and invites them onto her broom. It has a nice rhyming flow to the story which will keep children engaged plus the use of repetition. The pictures are mesmerising and really do bring the story to life. There is very descriptive use of words for the characters in the book, particularly when describing the horrible and frightful beast. There is a moral to the story. If you treat others well, the rewards will show. It is a story of friendship and help in times of need Show more Show less
I think it was fun because they kept losing stuff and animals came to help
I got this book when I was two so I have always loved it
I like the rhyming in the story. I like that it has a dragon.
I saw the play of this so it is one og my favourite books.
I thought it’ was funny when the bird, the doc, the cat and the frog was covered in mug and it looked like a monster with wings because the bird has wings.
Very funny. I like the dragon
I like when the witch makes a new broom with chairs for the dog and cat and witch. And a drink; and a nest for the bird and a shower for the frog! ?
I love reading this book to my sister. I really like the illustrations and how the story rhymes.
There was lots of interesting words in this book. I liked the characters. There was a cat, a dog, a frog , a bird and there was a witch.
it was good. About a witch who kept loosing her stuff.
I really love this book, I read it all the time. I love how the witch lets the animals ride on her broom and then when the witch needs help the animals help her. In the end they get a new broom with everything they want. Show more Show less
Jayden loves this book. It’s funny and exciting he said.
We love this book it always makes us laugh
This book is my favourite!!! We change our voices for each of the characters.
I enjoyed this book. The witch made me laugh as she lost all different things and found new friends on her way.
Personally I am always partial to a book with a witch, and love reading this with everyone.
I loved this book! I liked it when the bird got the bow.
This is one of my favourite books. I really like the frog because he is clean. I also like when the animals tell the dragon to buzz off. I like the bird because she's very cute.
Room On The Broom is a awesome book full of fun and adventure. I love reading it over and over. It shows doesn't matter who or what you are you can all be friends and help each other.