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Seriously Do Not Open This book

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My 7 year old has thoroughly enjoyed this series of books over & over again. Lots of fun and silliness.
Such a funny book. I like it a lot because Wizz is so silly!
I like he's cheeky
This book is so funny! Zahn
I love this book because it’s so funny and made me laugh. It also has a funny ending and I like the drawings.
I enjoyed reading this book so much, and it was very funny. My sister also enjoyed listening to it and laughed a lot. This book is great for ages 3 to 9 years old. I Rate it 4 out of 5.
This book is a great book. It is VERY funny. I think its hilarious at the end because the girl monster kisses the boy monster. I like the suspense of the book because the character keeps telling us "dont turn the page!" This book is good for big and little kids. Show more Show less
Third book in the series and just as funny and another book that I love to read over and over again LOVE it and so will you.