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A funny, heartwarming graphic novel about two sisters’ relationship. Love this book. Well done, Raina!! ???
Great book, great art and funny. Reflects all day to day growing up challenges and great humor about a hilarious family
I find this book really funny and enjoyable. It makes my smile and laugh every time I read it. I love this book
It was the best book I have ever read. I love Raina’s books. 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I liked the book Sisters because it has one of my favourite animals was in it, a king snake!!! What I did NOT like about the book Sisters is that there was WAY TOO MUCH FIGHTING. Read Sisters your self and you will see what I mean. And one more thing kids, KEEP ON READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Show more Show less
I really like it because it reminded me of my sisters
This book is so good and entertaining.
This book is so good
i would recomend this book to any one with a sister because it is totally relatablle
I love that it's a comic book and has a lot of detail in it
I like sisters because it is all about going on a trip to Clafornia and the sisters where fighting then they got over it and became sisters.
Sisters is a graphic novel about two sisters (who have a brother as well!) who don't get along. In the story their family goes on a road trip for week, visits their cousins for a week and then travels home again for another week. That might sound a bit boring, but add in a snake loose in the car and it makes a funny story! What is interesting is that this is a true story (with actual photos at the end) and there are 'flash backs' all throughout the story. In the end, the sisters get along a lot better. I really liked the part where they were stuck in the broken down car and their mum had to hitch-hike to get help. The little brother thought that riding in the ute that picked them up it was the best thing ever! The book is good for kids around 7-15 years of age who like true, funny stories that are easy to read. Show more Show less
It is a true a story which Raina ask for a sister buts instantly regrets asking for one.Raina never got along with Amara(little sister).But a incident occurs Amara gets a pet (a snake) which Raina hates and it's get lost in the car and the snake is found while Raina's mom and little brother is on the lookout for a tow truck. Show more Show less
This is one of my favourite books and I definitely recommend!
It's the most amazing book ever and also the most interesting book ever!!!
great great great
This is a fun book to read! It teaches you to not fight with your sisters. I would recommend this book.
Wow, its amazing how did i ever put down this book. This book relates to me in a lot of way well first my sister is SOOOOOO annoying and we both hate road trips. raina hate snakes. and her sister gets snake and when she accidently leaves the snake in the car raina go crasy. Show more Show less
This is an amazing hilarious graphic novel.
The book was really good because it was a true story about two sisters who don’t get along. I liked the book because it was funny with kids being annoying.
Sisters is a great book for girls aged, 9-13. All of the pictures are great, and the autobiography put into the comic/manga style is a great way to get attention to all readers. You can read this book several times (which I have) laughing hard. I always get upset when I finish the book because I want to keep on reading, understanding the way the pictures and drawings talk to me and get inspired. Show more Show less
Well if you like drama comics this is definitely a book for you. It is a comic about an unusual relationship between two sisters. It is based on a real story.
The sisters always fight, raina wants a sister and she got one and her sister always makes demands.
this comic book was just as good as the first book in Raina Telgemeier's series,this book really shows you what it is like to grow up with a sister!
Loved the story, easy to follow. Loved everything about it.
I can’t wait to be a big sister but once Amara is born things aren’t quiet She doesn’t have a good relationship with her sister at all the go on a road trip For 6 weeks
Sisters is a very good book.
It is about Raina and how she really wanted a sister. As she grows up she starts wishing she had never asked for one. This book is filled with fun moments and is super addictive. Show more Show less
It shows how sisters act how they love I personally have a sister to and its Reality
I enjoyed this book because it was funny and I liked when it went back into her memories.
The way Raina wrote and drew this story is amazing and when you read it you feel like heir in the story. Raina’s style is amazing. The best thing about her books is that there things that occurred wit( her childhood. Including Smile and Guts. She also used to illustrate Baby-Sitters club books and she even read those in her childhood. Try and read one of Raina’s books one day. Happy Reading! Show more Show less
i LOVE sisters it is awesome,fun,funny,cool and much much more it is a fun book to read werever you go. i have read it about 20 times
The book was good to read because, with a snake going loose in the car and with a long road trip around the corner the two girls fight like grizzly bears. Especially because Raina hates snakes but Amara loves things go everything but perfect. Show more Show less
this is a great book about two sisters who have to go through a whole week together in a car and it brings back some memories from when they were little.
I LOVE this book. It is really funny.
I thought the book was sweet and funny because it shows what Raina and her sister Amara went through together like having a new pet fish going on car trips and arguing about who is the best artist. I recommend people 4 and over too read this book!
- Chloe Willis
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I really enjoyed this book because it is a graphic novel and it is a light and easy read. It's based on a true story.
Sisters is cool and sooooooo true. I have a sister and it's so relatable .
My sister is like that on road trips.
I love all of Raina Telegeimer's Books and I am her number #1 fan but this book is truly one of my honest favourites
I love this book so much! Even though it is in a comic book platform, it is still really good and you should read it!
Raina Telgemeies is an awesome author another well written comic of two sisters going on a car trip and they work together in the end I recommend
Sisters is just as good as the other books Raina Telgemeier has wrote. I love how when the pages are yellow, it means that it is showing a memory from the past. It is really cool and i recommend this to everyone. Show more Show less
This is a book I can really relate to
because my sister dose the same things (but we still always get along)
the book is about 2 sisters on a road trip for 2 weeks the girls are about 10 and 12 (i'm 10)
the story is about how they get along while traveling and how they work out how they deal with each other
i really enjoyed reading this

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All Raina wont's is a sister but when her mum finally has one Raina relies that this might not have been the best chose after all! The illustrator, Braden Lamb, intrigues the audience by making the pictures seem real and comical at the same time. I would recommend this book for kids with a younger sibling who they really don't want! Show more Show less
True story based on two sisters who couldn't be more different. A two week road trip, trying not to fight. In the end they learn something that might change their view of each other.
I loved sisters! It’s a funny graphic novel and a true story about the author and her little sister. It tells of 2 sisters who spent 2 weeks on a road trip together while trying to get along.
i love this book, it is a very good book to read if you want something quick and easy to read!
good book for anyone who likes comics