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I liked that they didn't just put words they put extraordinary puntuation.
It was a good book with real life problems like dental drama
I loved the book Smile because it was a true story and it is a graphic novel which I enjoy. The main character Raina, lost her confidence when she fell over and lost her two front teeth. She needed a lot of orthodontic work and was very worried about the way she looked. Lots of good friends help her go through it and in the end, she is happy to smile again. Show more Show less
I liked the book Smile because their was an important message in it: DON'T RUN IN THE DARK! What I did not about Smile is that their was a lot of teasing and blood and a LOT of dentist appointments ( and when I mean A LOT I mean half of the book A LOT) So that is my book review. I will write another book review later so watch out for my book reviews . Love Ella Rose Bain. Show more Show less
This book was very good to read. It was about a girl with teeth troubles and I could definitely relate as I have to wear braces soon. It was also about her friends being rude and she never stood up to them. I think it was a very good book and I could definitely relate. Show more Show less
This book is about a girl who has braces, and about her life with braces and in middle school. I enjoyed this book.
I really love this book! I love how the series are based on Raina’s childhood. I find it really interesting.
I just love all her books that I have and I read them constantly and they are always at the front of my books shelf at home and my brother loves and enjoys reading them so much!
Just like guts I could read it on on on on and on
My favourite book. It’s about family, friends, boys, and dental drama.
I really liked the book i thought it was a great story and i woud dependently read it again
I loved this book I like how it was a true story it was a good book but I would recommend it to older reader :)
Nice book ???
Amazing book for kids in year 5, I strongly recommend this book
The book I read was amazing and encouraging for people that are scared of trying things.
It was really good
Its an awesome book and I love it.
I like smile because in the end raina has a beautiful smile when she takes a photo. In the book that I didn't like was when she looked weird with the headgear that the dentest gave her to where at night. Show more Show less
I liked about smile is that there was a love triangle ?️ and the girl she lost her teeth and something about it was really fun!!!?
I read the book so many times this month when I got to the middle I couldn’t put the book down.
I think smile is a wonderful graphic novel that she has poured her heart into because it’s about being a teenager friend troubles and getting you’re two front teeth getting knocked out it’s a funny beautiful story about growing up and being yourself I think it’s a great story to all tweens and teens Show more Show less
This is a lovely book full of surprises!
Amazing book
Riana fell down and her 2 frount teeth came out when the teeth go back in she looks like a vampier along with frinds not freinds, family and boy problems it like chaos will this ever be fixed
I like this book because the main character never gives up. It’s inspiring.
This Book was great I liked how it is a bit of a demonstration of high school drama. I like how the story goes to when she knocks her front teeth out and has tho get cast teeth to pull the new ones down.
It is a great book and I would recommend it for children 10+
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I love this book! Everything I ever wanted in a graphic novel and relates to me.Every book Raina writes,are the best.Teaches kids the meaning of school.I could read this book 1000 times,and never get bored! Show more Show less
this is a great book that shows there will always be someone to care for you
good I like the pictures
I loved this book! at first I didn't realize that this was a comic book,I have been looking for long comic books for long time!
This book was really good but it was a bit sad.
awesome book
It was intersting
I love comic books and this is a comic book with speech bubbles. It's a big chapter book but a little bit easier to read. In the book Smile, Raina was running to her house with her friends and knocked out her two front teeth. She had to have lots of dentist operations to make her teeth look like normal teeth.
I loved it because there is a series of them too.
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i like this book because it is fun and easy to read it is by far my favourite book and i recommend it to anyone who is interested in it
My favourite part of the book is when Raina gets new friends. I like how this book has a little bit of comedy.
A comic book of 214 pages I throughly enjoyed smile because it talks about having braces. It shows me how tough you have to be to get braces. I like how it shows how to be happy with the person you are. I liked how it’s a graphic novel. Show more Show less
This book taught me that even though you've known these friends for years doesn't mean you can't up to them.
I liked the book because it was cool to read about what Raina went through from middle to high school. I enjoyed reading this book. A fabulous read
I like how easy and fun this book is to read.
It is a great book following the authors child life. It retells her life as a kid and it tells us why the book is called smile you might of found it out in the blurb.
It is a great book for all ages and her fans would be in for a treat!
this book is good but bit adultish
Awesome book
Even though I am Raina Telegeimer's number #1 Fan I still think this book is the one of the best books she has ever written, this book is AMAZING.
An AMAZING book! When I started reading it I immediately fell in love with this book..... I have read every single book that Raina Telegeimer has written but this book was was definitely a hit
Smile is a graphic novel about a teenage girl that trips badly one night after girl scouts and then has to get braces and a lot of other things done to her teeth.
It shows even if you are different to other's people will love you for who you are even if your SMILE is abnormal.
Smile is interesting because it's about getting braces and it's about her trying to fit in. I like the way that illustrations make it look real and engage the reader.
I think this book can give people a great reason to smile and can give confidence about having braces and headgear
Another well written comic about a year 6 going to year seven with lots of detail problems
Smile is one of my favourite books because i love the detailed pictures! This story is amazing! The character, Raina, struggles with friends, family and school but that is pretty much all resolved by the end. I recommend this book to everyone! Show more Show less
This book is really REALLY good!
I loved this book because it was about family, boys, friends and dental drama. I liked the way it was written as a comic.
Raina is already having a bad time at school but it gets worst when she trips and her two front teeth come out! Family, friends, boys and dental drama is all about this book. I would recommend this book for kids where nothing goes there way. Show more Show less
True story of how Raina discovers that you don't need to be perfect and you should just be yourself and don't damage your two front teeth!
Amazing. It takes you from middle school to highschool. Raina discovers things about family, friends, boys, dental drama?!
This is an outstanding graphic novel. I've read it about 10 times know and I still love it. It has a great story line. It is set around the time of transitions from primary school to high school.
> It starts with a 11 year old girl called Raina, about to go to middle school (because it's set in the U.S.). She is coming home from girls scouts when she trips and her two front teeth are supposedly knocked out but her family only finds one! When they get to their dentist they find out that the one they couldn't find had been pushed up into her gum! She goes through a few tough years in middle school and high school. A true story from Raina Telgemeier. I recommend it for ages 9-16. Show more Show less