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Storm Boy

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I love that this book had expression.
This book is amazing. I love all of Colin’s books, the old movie describes the book perfectly.
A perfectly crafted story about friendship and acceptance
Storm Boy was a great book but it was very sad. It made me think about how humans are ruining the environment and how cruel some humans can be.
Storm Boy lives in a hut on the beach and is lonley until... he goes into the sancturary with Fingerbone. They find a pelican nest with no mother just feathers, boot prints in the dirt and three baby pelicans. Storm boy takes the baby pelicans back to the hut. Storm boy called them Mr Proud, Mr Ponder and Mr Percival. I recommend Storm Boy for people who like animals. I was able to read it in one day. Show more Show less
I loved this book. I loved how Storm boy took care of the three pelicans and I loved all their names started with Mr P
I liked this book. I liked reading about the baby Pelicans and how the boy took care of them as they grew.
This book has a lot of feeling in it and is very emotional and heart warming. Great ?? book ?
Great book. Brilliant storyline. Definitely recommend!