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The 104 storey treehouse

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I like this book because the characters are very funny and it has a joke on EVERY PAGE!!!!
I certainly recommend it.
I Think terry is a bit silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a giant foot ,and you can throw fridges!!!!
Terry makes a stupid toothpaste which has 99% candy in it and it makes Andy's tooth sore and he has to pull it out.
They climb Mt Everest.
I think this is a really good book because Andy had a groaning toothache the whole time, and they were trying to get a Jokewriter 2000 the entire time, but when his tooth came out near the end, the pain went away and they didn't end up needing it!
We saw Andy Griffiths reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish live as well which was really fun.
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Come up to the treehouse and there's lots of stuff to do: you can throw some fridges, make money with the money machine, climb the never ending staircase and have a bun fight
great and funny book recommend for ages 8 and over
Benny loves this author and he says reading these books doesn't feel like schoolwork and that's why he loves it.
This book has jokes on the bottom of every page. I absolutely love all the plots and twists that Andy and Terry add throughout the whole series. If I would I would give them 6 out of 5 stars but unfortunately I can't. Show more Show less
I loved the book
Very very interesting!!
A great book for other kids. I really like the robot arena!
It was really funny when the tooth fairy drove on Andy’s head. I really liked this book.
Humourous and relatable