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the book is funny and weird.
I really liked the book because the way that the BFG talked made me laugh
This is such a good book and so funny. I read it then watched the movie and it was so fun.
I absolutely loved this book.
I wonder if that's how gaints really lived. I like how the BFG always caught dreams and the queen helped the bad gaints go away forever
I find this book really interesting.
The BFG is a really amazing book and when I read it, I can't put it down. It's about a little orphan girl that finds a giant (Big Friendly Giant aka BFG) and they become friends after he captures her. It is full of action-packed adventures and you should really read this book. Show more Show less
I love this book, I love the part where Sophie’s looks outside the BFG’s cave and sees all the other giants
This is one of my most favourite books. Its imaginative and interesting. One of Dahl's best and is hard to put down once you get started. I LOVE IT!!
This book was about the BFG and his new friend Sophie. Sophie was a kind, smart & brave girl & she loved the BFG. Together they saved the world from giants.