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The Bad Guys

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it is a weird book but still funny
This book was funny. It had really good characters and a great story about bad guys that can be good.
Awesome book! Very funny
This is a funny book. I liked when they let 200 dogs free.
its a really funny comic book that never lets you put down the book great effort for the person (Aaron Blabey) for writing this hilarious comic book for kids. :D
It was a great book. I really enjoy reading it and it was full of funny jokes.
Its a really funny and exciting book
What a handsome book? really love it. I have read up to chapter 7. ? cannot wait to read the last two chapters 8 and 9 . ?
This book is good because it's really funny and I love reading it. I like it because it's really descriptive and engaging. I think that you should read it because it's for all ages and it's a great book. Show more Show less
What i love about this book is when they show me sharks rap sheet and mr wolf covers it because he will literally eat anything or anyone and he probs done something bad and didn’t won’t us to see?

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