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The Bad Guys Episode 1

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I loved it so much i read it in a day my favourite character is Mr. Shark.
bad guys trying to be good guys and always getting into mischief. funny story and to keep children engaged
I loved the book because it's funny.
My favourite part was when the gorilla fell in LOVE with the shark.
it was amazing
The Bad Guys is really funny. These are the characters
It’s a good book because they make lots of mistakes and they try to be good guys by freeing all the dogs out of a dog pound and they break the wall and they all go running out. The dogs think the piraña is a sardine! ? Show more Show less
The Bad Guys Episode 1 is a hilarious book about Bad Guys trying to be Good Guys.??
I liked it a lot. My favourite character was Mr piranha. I laugh every time the guys call him a sardine. This book is really funny.
This was my first chapter book. It's funny and the piranha is funny.

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