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The Day the Crayons Quit

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So funny! The peach crayon is very cheeky and the blue crayon is very small.
Have read this book over and over! Love the picture at the end of the book.
I really love this book. It is quite a long one but great too.
I loved this book, it was very funny. All the crayons had different problems, like some needed a rest and others wanted to be used. But in the end he did a lovely drawing to make all the crayons happy. Show more Show less
Liked it because the crayons all did different messages
Poor Duncan just wanted to coulor but all of his crayons had problems, like the coulor of the sun,how much use,the lines, the sight and the paper.
This is a creative story about Duncan’s crayons, I felt sorry for blue, pink and beige crayon because blue was used too much, pink never got used and beige was only used for boring pictures. I liked the story. Show more Show less
The crayons are very tired after working very hard on colouring. It was a good book.
It was cool and funny, It made me happy.
Love this book have read it many times! It’s really funny!