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The Gruffalo

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Beautiful illustrations and repetitive make this book a real pleasure to read. Adding different voices for the characters had me little ones mesmerised and laughing out loud! They loved it!
Loved it!
My favourite book
The Gruffalo is a very good book. There is some good characters in the story .
one of my favourite books
It was fun to read. I thought the mouse was very brave and clever because he tricked everyone about the Gruffalo to save himself. Then how he tricked the Gruffalo to think everyone was afraid of the mouse and not the Gruffalo. Show more Show less
This book is great! Easy and fun to read and the mouse is so smart and cheeky
Best book
I love reading this book. I like how the mouse tricks the Gruffalo and how at the end he says his favourite food is Gruffalo Crumble.
My favourite book ever!
Its funny!
My favourite book ever and fun to read.
The loved this book. I like the way the mouse tricks all the animals
It was funny.
Franklin and I loved this book, the rhyming words made reading it great fun! We also thought the mouse was very clever and a little bit lucky.
I have loved this book ever since I was a little boy!
I really like The Gruffalo because it shows that you can be brave no matter how big or small you are.
A favourite in our house and a great story of courage and imagination.
This book is fantastic one of our favourites!
This book is mine and my mums favourite. We love to read it together and when mum reads it she talks in funny voices for the characters
I like the Gruffalo. It’s is exciting. I wish the Gruffalo was real so I could meet him. I think he would be very tall and scary but I think we would be friends. I wish I had purple prickles all over my back too! The Gruffalo is my favourite book right now! Show more Show less
I love this book so much. The mouse is so brave. I also love the sequel, The Gruffalo’s child.
My favourite book!
I love the mouse, he is very ticky. Everybody must read this.
It's a bit scary but I like it.
An enchanting tale for the imaginative mind! His got knobbly knees and turned out toes, there’s no such thing as the Gruffalo. A good book of adventures that little mouse goes on.
We never get bored of this book and can read it every single day...
We love this book! Mr 3 can recite the book from start to finish and is a huge fan of the adventures through the deep dark wood!
An enchanting book, for the young and adults. Let your imagine run wild and enjoy the adventure of little mouse and the Gruffalo .
A highly engaging, interactive text that my son (Toby aged 4) and I enjoy 'reading' together.
I thought it was a great book. I liked how the book rhymes.
A very good story
My son wants to read this almost every day. Absolutely loves it. Never gets sick of the story!
One of our favourites! My 3 year old and I could read this everyday and its still as fun and interesting as the first time through!
I love this book
It's funny and the little mouse is very tricky.

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