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The Ice Monster

By David Walliams

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When Elsie tries to bring the Ice monster back to life I was really hooked.
This is one of the most adventurous and suspenseful books I have ever read
This book is about a 10 year old Victorian Londan orphan and an 1,000 year old woolly mammoth. My favourite part was when they set off on the HMS Victory Boat to the NORTH POLE to get Woolly The Mammoth home to his family. I thought it was impossible but their mission was succeeded. Show more Show less
Very Interesting book and I couldn't stop reading it
The ice monster is a story about a little orphan girl who becomes friends with the ice monster, and helps free the ice monster from a cage
I love how the ice monster has great pictures and that a little girl became best friend with a mammoth but the part the got me sad was when woolly when home and Elsie never sew woolly again.
It was a very good book. It was a very interesting.
I really like this book because it was set in1899. It was about a 10 year old orphan and a 10,000 year old woolly mammoth ? . Overall this was a great story and I encourage him to make more interesting stories like it. I also like it because there were some really funny parts of it. The characters made it even more funny ?! Show more Show less
it was a awesome book i recommend you should read it
so much fun to read this and get stuck in the pages reading it.