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The Magic finger

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i liked the book it was funny when the teacher turned into a cat
and there neibours turned into birds
I found the story quite funny and interesting.
I loved this book. The storyline reminded me of another classic book of Roald Dahl. Very similar to Matilda. Worth having a read if you haven't already.
I like the book because it was funny and sad because the men were shooting the poor ducks at the lake and i found it funny because the girl had a magic finger and turned the men into ducks and the ducks were big and wanted to shoot them. Show more Show less
This wasn't my favourite Roald Dahl book, but it was a nice quick book for me before bed.
This funny book is about payback with a magic finger belonging to a girl. She got mad, she saw red and put the finger on the Greggs! It was a good fun read.
I enjoyed this book a lot. I liked when the Magic Finger was used, and did it’s MAGIC!

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