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The Very Cranky Bear

By Nicholas Bland

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It was a fantastic book.I really loved the book because the bear was so angry.
I like this book it’s very funny- Katie aged 7
I enjoy reading this book to younger children I would recommend this book to 0-7 years old children . This book teaches about manners and good ways to help out a friend.
the very dumb bear
i like this book its very good because u see many stuff and creatures and the animals and the very cranky bear make friends there are so much good and funny parts u can see in this book but at least they made friends with the animals its the best Show more Show less
I like this book because they dress up and make them look scary.
I love this book because it is very adventurous.
i dont really like this book
This book is soooooooo Funny!!!
I used to love this book when i was little it made me laugh and I would always enjoy reading with my dad!
Very good for about 6 year olds.
the book does not lie
That sheep is very kind.
It's a very funny book