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The Very Cranky Bear

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Has great rhyme and the use of voices to keep me reading it again and again.
Just a cuddly bear
This book is a happy funny book. My favourite part of the story is Roar!!! Roar!! Roaaaar!
Best read with crazy sound effects and voices!
Good book the sheep is so nice
This has become one of my favourite books. I request it every night before I go to bed
It’s a good story, it shows to listen to what people need and be kind.
This is a must-have favorite for all children I know, and in time will be a classic.
The book is funny and enjoyable to read.
I like how the animals tried to help the beat be happy.
I like this book. It was very nice when the sheep gave the bear a pillow.
This book is very funny- the bear is super cranky!
It has lots of roars in it, it was fun making the roar sound.
Awesome book
I live this book and the cranky bear he goes roar roar roar.

Ayla 3
A very silly book with lots of animals.
I think this book is really good and kind because the sheep is very helpful. I’d recommend EVERY SINGLE age group should read this!
I like the lambie in the book because he helped the bear get a good night sleep!
It’s a funny book & I especially like the bear
We love reading this book. Bayden enjoys acting out the animals and the bear as well. Highly recommended this book for a quick read for young children.
Loved this book

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