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The Very Cranky Bear

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Atley has enjoyed reading the cranky bear series. He enjoys listening to the stories and the different things the bear gets up too.
I like how Sheep is thoughtful to Bear. I like the rhyming and the pictures. It is a very nice story.
I liked it, the book was good. I felt bad for the bear in the beginning, but it all worked out in the end.
Very funny story. Like the part when the bear Roars. Illustrations are cute.
Great for young children with the little funny humour. Our son loves this book and knows it off by heart.
Our favourite to read before bed! The flow and rhyming in this book is fun and clever; it’s allowed my 2 year old to memorise the words and follow along with the story. He thinks the bear looks silly with his stripe, antler and mane! Show more Show less
I thought the book was good
I love this book. The poor bear just wants to get some rest in his cave. We all need some rest. I like this book because it makes me giggle
I like how the sheep is generous and caring and he doesn't mind cutting her wool off to make a pillow for the bear because he can't get a good night sleep. I don't like how at first the bear is really cranky and kicks the friends out in the cold rain. I don't know if i would recommend this book to anyone because there is no super hero action and they are the kind of books I like to read Show more Show less
I like the part where he is asleep at the end.
Great read, love making the bear bear noises!
I give it 4 stars.
I like this book because the bear chases the other animals out of his cave.
I love The Cranky Bear!
I liked the end of this book where they found an answer to the problem, and I liked the start of it where they play a game of cards. I didn’t like when the cranky bear roared at the other animals.
You should definitely read this book because it’s a really good with lots of detail in it.
It’s really good because it’s about 4 animals and they discovered a bear in a cave and they all learn to be nice.
The book had a setting, characters, a problem and how they solved the problem.
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I like this book, it makes me smile. The sheep is my favourite character.
I like it because the bear looks funny dressed up and because it teaches you to be kind like the sheep.
I enjoyed it but I wish it had more pages
I liked this book because the animals gave the Cranky Bear some antlers, a mane and some stripes to make him happier. But, all he wanted was a comfy pillow and some quiet! Sheep was kind and gave the Cranky Bear some of her wool for a soft pillow. I love this book so much. Show more Show less
One of my favourite books
The hero of this book is Sheep. Sheep gets the bear not to be cranky. The funny bit is when the animals try to cheer bear up and he gets even more CRANKY!!!!
I have read this book may times. It makes me laugh and makes me feel warm
Thoroughly enjoyed this book, has an excellent rhyme throughout and a 'thoughtful' message
My son loves the very cranky bear, very clever, funny & a lovely story to read together.
We like this book so much as the cranky bear is like us when we are hungry but we like to help new friends just like the cranky bear too
It's about Cranky Bear, who just wants to sleep and four little friends go into his cave to play.
I like how they gave the bear stripes, a mane, and antlers for his make over. The bear came out of the cave very angry and he gnashed his teeth and stomped his feet and chased the four little friends out the door. Show more Show less
I liked this book because all the friends tried to cheer up bear and make him happy. It was the sheep who was clever and made him happy in the end. They are all animals that I like. The pictures are good because they show us what is going on in the story. They’re funny animals. Show more Show less
I liked how Sheep was very nice and cut off half her wool to make a pillow for Bear
What a great read with kids!! The compassion and empathy of sheep is something worth teaching to kids. This book was enjoyable with my one year old and she sure loved sheep- baaaa!!
I like how all of the animals try to make Bear look like them because he looks funny. What I like about the story even more though - Sheep doesn't try to change Bear, she listens to what he wants and helps him. Show more Show less
I rilly love this book. I think it is very funy and I like the sheep and how she is kind
The end is the best part because the sheep gives the bear his wool so he had a pillow
The book was ok
This book tells kids how to make friends.
I’ve read this book lots of time I love the illustrations and it’s a funny story
Because it’s really really funny!!!!
I like this book, it was very entertaining
I liked it because I like the character and it had a good ending!
Kaelee has said this book is her favourite. It is funny and interesting to read especially when mum helps make the bear noises.
The sheep was kind and the book is funny.
it is very funny and the sheep is very kind at the end
I loved reading this book to my baby brother. He enjoyed it too, its a really great story about being kind.
Tamicka loves this book
Cooper loves these series of books, the word rhymes and fun adventures of the Cranky Bear-
Has great rhyme and the use of voices to keep me reading it again and again.
Just a cuddly bear
This book is a happy funny book. My favourite part of the story is Roar!!! Roar!! Roaaaar!
Best read with crazy sound effects and voices!
Good book the sheep is so nice
This has become one of my favourite books. I request it every night before I go to bed
It’s a good story, it shows to listen to what people need and be kind.
This is a must-have favorite for all children I know, and in time will be a classic.
The book is funny and enjoyable to read.
I like how the animals tried to help the beat be happy.
I like this book. It was very nice when the sheep gave the bear a pillow.
This book is very funny- the bear is super cranky!
It has lots of roars in it, it was fun making the roar sound.
Awesome book
I live this book and the cranky bear he goes roar roar roar.

Ayla 3
A very silly book with lots of animals.
I think this book is really good and kind because the sheep is very helpful. I’d recommend EVERY SINGLE age group should read this!
I like the lambie in the book because he helped the bear get a good night sleep!
It’s a funny book & I especially like the bear
We love reading this book. Bayden enjoys acting out the animals and the bear as well. Highly recommended this book for a quick read for young children.
Loved this book