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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle

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What a classic story! We love reading it over and over again!
I like this book because the caterpillar eats lots of food and then turns into a butterfly.
My brother and I love reading this book. The cut out holes are cool and the pictures are nice and colourful. It is a good story.
It was ok it could of been better
This is the first book Evie has read back to us. Not word for word (she is only 3) but she uses the images to retell the story and uses the multiples of fruit to count. She's even getting better at her adjectives using the pictures. Show more Show less
I love this book. Its fun to read with the pages all different sizes.
I like this book as he eats so much food. It is funny.
My first book of learning days of the week, a good book for toddler.
It’s very interesting and fun to lift up the flaps
This is a classic children’s book, we have read it so many times our three year old has it memorised.
My only issue with this book is that it calls a chrysalis a cocoon, when a cocoon is actually for moth caterpillars.
Other than that great read.
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Milly loves this book so much! The very hungry caterpillar eating through the pages is the best part!
I liked this book because the hungry caterpillar turned into a butterfly
Very good book to read, my son loves it.
This book is fun to read. I enjoy reading it along with all the colours in the book. The circle cut outs on each page is also fun.
This is one of my favourite books. I always want to read it and have shared it with my class lots of times. Plus I even dressed up as the butterfly on Book Week!
He got sick when he ate all that food. It’s good that he ate a leaf to feel better.
Kyana loved pointing out all the fruits and food she saw and finding the caterpillar on every page
Great book to read, especially for my age of 6.
I LOVE this book. I love naming all the different types of foods the hungry caterpillar eats. My favourite part is when the little worm turns into a big beautiful and colourful butterfly.
This was the first book we ever read together and 4 years later it's still on our weekly rotation of books. Wonderful illustrations and interactive storyline. A classic that does not date. Our family favourite ❤ Show more Show less
The story of a little Caterpillar who reaches their full potential and eats a variety of food along the way.
The pictures are so beautiful and seeing the caterpillar get fatter and fatter is very funny. I loved it!
We absolutely loved this book and following the caterpillars journey. Colourful and great for little people learning to count! Highly recommended
We love the very hungry caterpillar. It is very colourful too keep the children engaged. And the story is a simpler way to describe the life cycle of a butterfly
This is my favourite book. I think its funny when the caterpillar gets really fat from eating so much food.
I love this book because it has lots of yummy food in it, and the caterpillar eats so much that he gets a sore tummy. Then he eats a leaf and goes to sleep. When he wakes up he's a big beautiful butterfly! I went to see the caterpillar show with my mummy. Show more Show less
This is my favourite book! I to get a sore tummy when i dont eat my yummy greens!
I love this book because the caterpillar eats so much food and then turns into a beautiful butterfly with lots of colours.
This has been my favourite book for the past few weeks. I love counting and labelling all the different foods.
This book is fun and it helps me learn how to count. I like the pictures of the food too.
I love this book
I really liked reading this book. It's so colourful
I liked the pictures in the book. It makes the book look very colourful and fun to read. My favourite part is the big fat caterpillar.
i enjoyed reading this book to my brother
I liked this book because it showed how it starts at an egg into a butterfly and how not to eat so much
A family favourite. I love this book because of the wonderful colours and butterfly at the end.
Why I like this book I like this book because the Hungry Caterpillar eats lots of food and then gets a stomach ache and finally turns into a beautiful butterfly
Danilo loves this book especially the illustrations.
This is one of Tom's favourite books, he loves the ending
Hungry likes strawberries and so do I.
I really like this book, I have seen a production of it too. I love that it turns into a beautiful butterfly!
A really great book for 4 year olds. So great that the book comes with a cute little plush caterpillar. My son loves it.
This book is fantastic for any child, my son loves reading and enjoys sitting down and reading the very hungry caterpillar book very much
My name is Heston and I am 1 year old. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is my favourite book at the moment. I love all the bright colours, pointing to the caterpillar on each page, the sun and counting the food. I am reading this book everyday because I'm going to The Very Hungry Caterpillar show in July with my family.

The book shows the lifecycle of the caterpillar from an egg, growing into a caterpillar, then his cocoon and finally as a beautiful butterfly! I think every child should read this book with their friends as it's a true life story and the pictures are wonderful.
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I like this book because I like the caterpillar and the treats.
I like this book!
This was my favourite book
Old time favourite and much loved book in our house. So much fun to read and talk about yummy food over and over again. Love the colours and artwork.
One of my favourite books, so many colours to enjoy
I love this book because it has pop up and it finish with a beautiful butterfly.
It’s funny and cute!
Such a fun book! I like the colorful butterfly - it's so beautiful!
I love reading this book with my toy Very Hungry Caterpillar. I pretend he eats the food as we turn the pages. I also have fun practicing my counting while reading the book as I count all of the different pieces of food. Show more Show less
great interactive book
I liked it because the caterpillar got so fat.
I like the pictures and the food. The caterpillar gets really sick, he gets a tummy ache. I am three years old and I like this book.
It is my favourite book and my favourite part is the caterpillar eating all the food and turning into a butterfly.
This is my favourite book!
Lovely kids book and always a favourite
I love this book it's fun and interactive
I love this book its one of my favourites and theres a beatuful butterfly at the end
Our favourite story. Always a choice at bedtime and great for teaching counting/sequencing
I have always loved this book. I really like when it lists all the food he has eaten each day and is always hungry till he eats too much and feels sick.
very easy book to read and fun highly recommend
I liked the colours of the beautiful butterfly at the end. I liked when he ate a plum. It didn’t rhyme but the sentences were short and easy to read.
Lilly didn’t like the book. Coz it was about a caterpillar, but she really like the butterfly at the end.
It was really cool that it had a cocoon in the story coz the butterfly popped out
I have read this book many times, but only recently noticed the caterpillar's face when it talks about him not feeling very well after all that food. It made me laugh - as he really does look sick. It is fun to find new things in old favourites! Show more Show less
This book was amazing and the caterpillar and butterfly was very pretty and beautiful.
I like the book because he turned into a butterfly for more than two weeks.
jack loves counting how much fruit the Caterpillar eats, the book is very colourful, and enjoyable to read
I think it’s nice how the caterpillar eats many things and then turns into a beautiful butterfly.
Great book
My absolute favourite book. I know it nearly word for word ?
I would recommend this book for people with a creative mind because the illustrator has drawn really funny pictures, and people with a good sense of humour because there is lots of funny parts.
Love the way the caterpillar eats everything. I giggle everytime he turns into a butterfly.
I liked how the caterpillar got fat and made a cocoon. The ending was a beautiful surprise.
This was the first book Ezra ever read. He particularly enjoyed looking at the fruit and the holes in the pages. What a great plot twist at the end!
Very colourful and engaging for a toddler. Not only could we read the book easily but also apply other activities to the book like, finding the caterpillar on each page, counting the foods and also naming them and their colours along with the story. Show more Show less
Funny story
Really good pictures and shows kids defnt foods and if you eat to much you might not feel to good
Easy and fun book to read
I like that he eats one apple. I like the funny part where he is a butterfly and he eats lots of food like I do.
We love the design of the pages with the little caterpillar holes
I enjoyed reading the very hungry caterpillar eating all the fruits and food. I liked it when he turned into a colourful fat butterfly!
My favourite part is when the Caterpillar turns into a butterfly!
I love this book so much that I know it off by heart.
I have read this book before it was good to read it again. it tells the story of a little egg ? that grows into a little caterpillar ?. More food it eats it gets fatter and then it makes a caccoon and turns into a butterfly ? Show more Show less
It had a lady bug also.
A family favourite for generations. Great for kids to learn about life cycles too!
Great story for learning about life cycles, days of the week, counting and more. Very colourful.
A cute was to explain the life cycle of a butterfly. A family favorite.....
Charlotte loves this book, especially reading all the foods that he eats and wriggling her fingers in the holes. It is an excellent way of learning about the butterfly life cycle too!
A family favorite of a cute caterpiller thats very hungry. And eventually turns into a beautiful butterfly
I have read this book over and over since i was a baby. My favourite page is the saturday page when the caterpillar eats lots of yummy food. I love the beautiful butterfly on the last page too.
I love all the food the caterpillar eats. My favourite part is when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly
I thought it was a little repetitive.
Such a brilliant story with gorgeous illustrations. A family favourite in our house.
This is a great book, teaching kids the days of the week, counting, over eating, all while teaching them about caterpillars. My son knows this book off by heart and reads it to us regularly even though he can't read yet ❤ Show more Show less
A hungry caterpillar was cool but the Very Hungry Caterpillar is very fat but he was fat3$
Caterpillar is very fat but it was still cool . it is very good Caterpillar is very cool Always.
Good drawings and interesting story it my favourite book
This book was very interesting as the caterpillar was so hungry it kept eating and eating until it ate too much and got a stomach ache and then turned into a cocoon and came out as a beautiful butterfly. Show more Show less
This is my favourite book. I like how the caterpillar eats lots of different food then has a sleep and changes to a butterfly
Good book
A must have for the book collection!
I like it when he was big and fat. He was a cute little caterpillar. My favourite part of the book is when he ate all the snacks and he had a stomachache.
Love this book it is bright and brilliant and interactive and had a hidden meaning for everyone
I like how the caterpillar learnt its lesson
Fun book, makes one hungry when reading
I really like this book cause it taught me how the Caterpillar changes into a butterfly the pictures were great as I like the food as you can change the pages differently and it's fun to put your fingers through the holes he makes as he eats and gets fatter. Sophia Wynne Show more Show less
A fun book for all ages. A great introduction to learning about life cycles too.
I really like the story and the holes in the food
My son loves this classic book, such beautiful illustrations and the story is easy to follow and remember for little ones.
Love love
This book is great for learning about the days of the week and learning about how caterpillars turn into butterflies
Best book the caterpillar ate so much