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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle

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I Like the flaps in'The very hungry Caterpillar.
the very hungry caterpillar gets very very big .
i was so inspired by the art style of this book great for 3-6 years?
I love it when I was little
this book is for 2-4
The illustrations are outstanding. I would recommend this book for 1-7 year olds. This is a very interesting and interactive book!
this book is good because when you are a kindy you will learn to know how caterpillar grows this book will help you learn that how all caterpillars grow it has good food that will help with our food this is very good when i readed this book i love it Show more Show less
I used to love this book but I am to old
It is a very funny book for people 6-0 years old.
This book brings me to my child hood I absolutely love the illustrations and loved turning each page.
This is a good book for your little children and gives them an emaginatio and brings everone back to them young selves
The catapilla s very hungry
This book is amazing to read to toddlers!!!
it is perfect for little kids!!
this is ok but it is more for little ones under the age of 5
I use to read this book when I was little I made me laugh the whole way through it was that Funny!!!!!
Great book if you want to know the life cycle of a caterpillar.
Outstanding for little kids. Make a nother one about a different animal
Very kid friendly and detailed. Just not as enjoyable for older readers.
The caterpillar is super duper hungry. Very funny.
The very hungry caterpillar is very hungry and the very hungry caterpillar is very cool and intresting thank you Eric Carle Thank you Eric Carle so much.
not my fave
it is a good book