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The Wonky Donkey

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Great book
Always a good laugh this book
It made me think about how it is a silly donkey and it has a fun song
I love this book. It’s so funny!
This book makes me laugh. It has lots of rhyming words and it's silly.
Our favourite book, very funny. It’s quirky tongue tie makes it fun to read!
It makes me laugh the picture of the donkey doing a fluffy. It's fun how the donkey description gets longer and more trickier to say.
It has some tricky words and it gets very hard to read it because the words keep rhyming and getting more and more words but it is very fun and I like it.
I didn't really like it because it seemed creepy. That the donkey lost an eye and he lost a leg that's why I thought it was creepy.
I liked reading this book with my mum because the rhyming made it easy and fun to remember. The added cd is fun to listen to and sing along to in the car ?
This is my favorite book EVER!! SO FUNNY !!!
This book is so funny, it made me laugh alot !!
I loved it.
It was funny.
Very funny
It’s a really fun book to read because it’s silly and rhymes.
Such a funny book
My favourite book, it's funny and easy to read.
I loved it, it was funny. Super funny when he farted and the bird fell over from the smell!
One of my favorite books to read, with a funny and catchy story-line. The Wonky Donkey gets into all sorts of trouble and is a catchy book to read. I have fun reading this one and know many of the words by memory. Show more Show less
"The Wonky Stinky Donkey" ? is Miss Brylee's favourite book so far. Probably because Mumma gets all winky and wonky and there's always plenty of laughs because of it.
i like it because its funny, and coz of the coffee bit and he farts. i liked this lots when i was little
It’s a very funny book. He’s a stinky donkey who does farts.
Very funny and loved the rhyming.
This book flowed really well. One hell of a tongue twister but lots of laughs!
This book is fantastic, hands down our favourite book. Full of laughter
My favourite book, it’s funny and rhymes and I can play the music to it that the book comes with
I liked this book because they put a lot of detail into it . It's about a donkey who does funny things and it rhymes.
I think is very funny because of when it says that it’s stinky and when he eats the underpants
I read this book to my little sister and she loved it.
I think the book is amazing because it's based on a donkey and he does all these things like humans do.
I love the Part were he woke up Early and hadn’t had any coffee
We loved this book! My five year old laughed all the way through and has read it more times than I care to admit!
This book was funny. I loved it
I like this story book because there was hard words in it which I learn from.
We this this book is hilarious and we like to read it at least once every day.
I like how the words repeated on each page. It was a very funny story.
I liked that he fluffed in the bird’s face ?
This book was very funny. I laughed when the Donkey farted hehehe
I found this book so funny to read as a child
It is very fun and funny book to read
I like the book.
It was good and funny and I loved the CD
Best Kids book I've read in a very long time, very catching, great easy read, nd lots of laughs aswell
This book is really funny. I like how each page adds something funny about the donkey.
Very funny and great book to sing along with!
I really really really like this book. I love it.
This book maeks me larf
It was very interesting and i really liked the silly donkey
I love this book because it shows that no matter how different you are ,it ok.
Read this book if you want a good laugh
This is one of my fav books ever. Especially when my Poppy gets all bamboozled reading it with me
Great rhyming book. Great for memory. Lots of fun to read