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The book thief

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This book brought me to tears. A truly harrowing story about a young German girl living her life during WWll. The narration style of writing brings the characters to life in a way that you can’t help but feel their stories come to life. Zusak uses the poignant view of Death as a narrator to bring the 1940s to life and with all its pain and discomfort. Show more Show less
I think the book is a great choice for my level of reading, I really enjoyed the book!
The book is about a young girl who stole a book from the town centre where they were burning books and was caught and she refused to burn the book and her family helped a man hide from police.
In turn he gave her a book and she taught him to read.
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This book was so cool to read. I like the aspect of it and how it gets us to use imagination a lot.
A beautiful, moving and thought-provoking story... a must read!
This book reminded me of how much we take for granted in our daily lives because the character doesn’t have the proper education, books or food that she needs. It also shows that her community struggled at the same time. I think this is a very good book. Show more Show less
This is a devastatingly powerful book that bears several re-readings, and should become a staple of literature discussion groups for sophisticated teen and adult readers. This is a wonderful novel, appropriate for adults of young, middle and advanced years. Indeed, everything is upside down in Zusak's Nazi Germany. Sounds are tasted, visions are heard, death has a heart, the strong do not survive, and your best chance of living may be a concentration camp. Show more Show less
An amazing book, it made me cry at the end. Probably my favourite book.