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The midnight gang

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By far my favourite book
The story takes you on a huge adventure
I didn’t want to put the book down
This book is about some kids who find themselves in a hospital and have a secret gang called the Midnight Gang. The porter of the hospital helps them pursue their dreams, in doing so he gets fired but still helps the Midnight Gang one more time. This story is very moving and sends you to a whole other place. Show more Show less
Really cool and interesting book! The Midnight Gang is one of my all time favourite books!
these books always start off with ordinary children, but turn out to be amazing wild adventures. i love it.
This book is fantastic and it's like lots of stories in one big book. There are so many adventures. It puts a great twist on somewhere where we would rather not go (the hospital). I couldn't put it down! It outstanding and I totally recommend it. Show more Show less
This was a great adventure! It was fun to read about the adventures the kids had whilst they were stuck being sick in hospital. I loved it!
I could read it over and over again!!
I would rate it Infiaty out of infinaty

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