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The odd 1s out

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Good for readers aged 9-18, the odd 1s out is my 2nd favourite book
I enjoyed the book because I liked him telling stories about himself and i also learned how to do things. It made me laugh and I love the drawings
I really liked the book! It has a lot of fun and awkward moments. It’s so good I have read it more than twice!
I thought this book was very funny as it has silly and random things that happened in the author’s life ?.
Great youtuber, great book
Very funny stories and drawings. Recommended for 6 years and over.
Very funny and educational about others life experiences
I think this is a good book because it tells interesting stories about his life. It's mostly about his family. The book has stories from when he is 5 to adulthood. He is a Youtuber and has written 2 books. He's also an artist. Show more Show less
Great book, cool drawings