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Thelma the unicorn

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This is a good book. I like it a lot.
There was a horse who wanted to be a unicorn found a carrot and tide it to her nose and a truck drove by and spilled some paint and glitter.She was a unicorn!!!
"I Felt Sad When She Was Being Bullied (Pointed To The Fans And Their Mean Signs)" - James
I liked that she didn't want to be her and she wanted to be a unicorn so she did....then it got a bit crazy so she changed back to herself and was happy!
She is horse and she really wants to be a unicorn. She realises at the end that 'I'd rather just be me', and having fame isn't great.
You don’t have to be some thing else because it might be difficult and you are fine gust the way you are.
I love this book. It is my favourite. Thelma learns it is okay to be herself
It was so funny
i love unicorns, i love this book
I liked it when Thelma the Horse dressed up and became a Unicorn.
I liked that Thelma the Unicorn had glitter on her.
I liked that they had a truck that was full of glitter.
And I liked that Thelma the Unicorn had lots of fans! Show more Show less
I love Unicorns and I love this book!!
The book is telling you that we should like the way we are. I liked when Thelma was creative and when she came back to her friend Otis.
I liked this book. I like the part where Thelma likes who she is- just the way she is.
This book is funny and I love how it rhymes.
This book is about a Pony who wants to be a Unicorn but learns she likes just being herself
I like it because the truck driver spilled glitter and paint on her
This is a good book to encourage being your own person.
This book is about how Thelma wishes she was a Unicorn, so one day she saw a carrot and put it on, a driver really did think she was a Unicorn and crashed his truck, making glitter fall all over Thelma, making everyone think she was a Unicorn! After being famous for a long Time Thelma could not handle it any more! People were chasing her and making fun of her, remembering her friend she felt lonely, so she washed all her sparkles off and went back home to her friend, she was happy a gain. Show more Show less
"Thelma the unicorn " written by Aaron Blabey.
This is a beautiful story about self acceptance as thelma finds herself living her dream come true only to realize the grass may not be greener on the otherside.
I love unicorns, especially ones as fabulous as Thelma so of course I am a little obsessed with this book.
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I love that this book shows you that being yourself if better than pretending to be someone you aren’t
Love how this shows to love who you are.
I like Thema the unicorn. she was sparkly and pink. It was a fun read for me.
I love the book because it has horses in it and unicorns
I love this book, I have read it 50 times. I wish I had my own pink unicorn.
I really liked this book,
I like reading this book because I like how Thelma wanted to be a unicorn and her her wish came true.
Willow loves this book! There is a good ratio of words to picture and Willow loves the transformation of Thelma.
Thelma the unicorn is a book about a horse that wants to become a unicorn
It’s very funny ? and it teaches a lesson
Subtle storyline to teach the kids to love who you are. Very sweet message within the book & great for the horse & unicorn lovers
My mummy bought this book for us. We read it with my little brother. His name is Otis as well! We laughed until our tummies hurt! So funny!
I love this book it makes me happy to read it is fun to read with my mummy
I love that the book is about unicorns. It had a great message in the book to not try to be someone else, just be yourself!
Thelma really wanted to be unicorn. She found out she would rather be herself, and that love is important
Fantastic quick book for younger readers, a regular favourite with my girls
A cute story about a horse wanting to be a unicorn but when she becoms famous she ends up just want to be herself
Great message for children, just be yourself and no one else.
I like this book cause its about unicorns and about being yourself
I like how she liked herself at the end.
This book is really good and has a great meaning behind it. It shows that everyone should be happy with who they are and are already perfect. Our class at school is doing this poem in the choral speech category of the Performing Arts! Show more Show less
A special book with a beautiful message!
This story is a good lesson for being yourself and to not wish you were something else. I think it's funny that Thelma pretends to be a unicorn.
Loved all of the pictures in the book!
This book is a favourite in our house!
I enjoyed this book. It's about unicorns. I love unicorns. And it's funny, there's a page where it says 'Marry me Thelma.'
Firm favourite here
My daughter loves this book, a firm favourite in our house
Great book

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