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This book is so good and funny it’s realy easy and quick to read I realy like this book
My favourite part of Weirdo was when Weir had his pants set on fire, which made me laugh
This is a funny book about Weir who has a crazy family. His older sister is really annoying. The front cover can disappear.
Weirdo made me laugh. I especially liked the bit where you fold the pages!
This book is about being the new kid at school and being weird. It's funny!
This is a funny book about being the new kid and having a weird family.
So so so so so hilariously funny
Weirdo was the best, because I loved it! And it was really funny!!
Real funny book should read it more
It was really good. There are words and pictures, and it was a long book. It had 7 chapters. There were some funny bits.
These books are really funny. I am reading them for a second time and they are still great.
I give this series 1000 stars because it is the best ever. It is funny, cool and awesome. Weirdo is good for people learning to read because when I started the series I couldn't read and now I can. It is awesome. Read the books. Show more Show less
I want to give this book a 1000 star rating because I love it that much! Weirdo is funny, cool and excellent for people learning how to read. I didn't know how to read when I started this series and now I can read - it's amazing! Read the books. Show more Show less
Weirdo is a kid starting a new school.He tries to make friends but it’s not easy but it is very funny.
Weir is starting a new school. Yes I said that right his name is Weirdo. Will Weir find some new friends?
I like this book because it is very funny and weird.
I recommended this book for kids who like to have a good laugh! Show more Show less
really funny
Very funny and I really enjoyed it. I'm going to read all of the others
I loved this book and thought it was great to read!
Anh do is a fabulous writer. He always adds humour into his books
Very Funny and exiting. Weir as the main character was a great idea because he is a bit of a weirdo himself.
This book is about when weirdo comes to a new classroom and tells his teacher that his first name is weir and his last name is Do. When Weirdo had told the class his name they had all started to laugh. But one day when Weirdo had tripped over because of his shoes and this pretty looking girl had game and helped Weirdo up. The next day there was this new kid that had came to the school and was very disgusting. Show more Show less
This book is about trying to fit in at school and finding your friends and your place.
It was a funny book.
reely funny