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Where Is The Green Sheep

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Bit to easy for me
Fantastic book with funny rhymes about trying to find a green sheep. Even though it is one animal, sheep can all be very different like humans!
One if our all time favourites, the words are easy for kids to remember which makes it fun for them, they can guess which sheep is next
A great book for new readers with funny pictures to help along the way. A classic to read to younger ones as well. A must have in a young kids collection.
This is a great book to read last right before you say goodnight..
Its sweet and won’t hype the kids up too much, but they still enjoy it.. I often read it multiple times in a row because they enjoy it so much.. Show more Show less
It’s a very good book, I liked all the different types of sheep
I like looking at the different ? sheep. You have to be quite at the end because the green sheep is asleep.
the book explains what the sheep like to do
This is a good easy book
This is a good book. I love the blue sheep and trying to find the green sheep.
The book was really good, I hope they like reading it to, it was a fun book with lots of colour
It’s a great book!
They said alot of describing words
I really like this book. I like how fun it is.